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Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
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Mar 30, 2011

it was amazing
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Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Pre Review:

If Alex doesn't make it...then my heart will implode. I really hope that Pandemonium has the following or I'm not sure I'd make it through this book:

-Alex is alive, in prison, and not "cured" (because no one better touch a hair on his head!!!)
-Lena WAITS for him, gets stronger, and *drum roll* rescues him
-Lena doesn't fall in love with some other dude with pretty eyes and kissable lips or I'd SOS him.
(Shoot on Sight)

So the book is coming out February 28 and I preordered my copy!!!!

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Post Review:

Oh lord...coming soon.
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Jennifer OMG ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer although she just loves depressing! I mean the end to Before I Fall killed me too!!!

Lindsay Jennifer you are officially my new best friend lol. Before I fall was so beautiful and sad and yes, I cried like crazy!!! But Alex...he's so beautiful. I hope hope hope he's alive. I can't believe we all have to wait till MARCH 7!!!!!!!

Jennifer Yes it was such a great story with such a great lesson but couldn't Sam have woken up to the next day and had a second chance!!!!! I felt so bad for Kent I absolutely loved him!

Lindsay Oh me too! The night when she stayed over and Lauren Oliver described their kiss had me swooning! I was so mad they didn't get a second chance because she proved she was a good person and they could have been something so amazing!
Kent really isn't mentioned much in YA favorites but I love him to death!

message 6: by Marie (new) - added it

Marie OMG. Just thinking about what this sequel will hold gives me anxiety! March is way too far away!

Lindsay I know. It kills me as well Marie. I am just DYING right now. I hope Alex isn't dead because if he is then I don't know what I would do...I have a feeling she might fall in love with someone else :(

message 8: by Darya (new) - added it

Darya same here. I really don't want Lena falling in love with another guy , i don't want alex to die. That would be too cruel, i hope the author is not cruel....please make it so , alex is alive!!

Lindsay @Darya: I hope so too! The only thing is, Lauren Oliver isn't afraid to kill off a character! T-T Have you read Before I Fall? Dear god I would so love it if Lena didn;t fall in love again with some other dude.

message 10: by Darya (new) - added it

Darya Lindsay wrote: "@Darya: I hope so too! The only thing is, Lauren Oliver isn't afraid to kill off a character! T-T Have you read Before I Fall? Dear god I would so love it if Lena didn;t fall in love again with som..."

i would hate that . Love is supposed to be like unique there , i mean, Alex sacrifice himself , literally , and Lena well she CHANGED and u don't do that for every guy u meet on the streets. And no, unfortunetly i haven't read before i fall but is it good? Maybe i'll give it a try ...Just thinking about Alex dying .....hummm...sad

Lindsay Before I Fall is amazing! It is such a good book! Very different from Delirium but still amazing. And I know! I had to try so hard not to cry at the end of delirium...Alex is legit one of the greatest ya guys around. If he dies....god this series would be so hard to finish. And Lena really loved him...

message 12: by Darya (new) - added it

Darya Lindsay wrote: "Before I Fall is amazing! It is such a good book! Very different from Delirium but still amazing. And I know! I had to try so hard not to cry at the end of delirium...Alex is legit one of the great..."

i know, right. Lena without Alex isn't imaginable.

Lindsay Love triangles would mess this book up. I really hope that doesn't happen.

Emmah I'm so hoping he's not dead and that he doesn't get "cured"! Can't wait until this book comes out.

Lindsay Me too! Oh gosh, every time I look at the cover, my heart just dies thinking of Alex! And I really love Lena too, it makes me so sad that she's hurt. Have you read the excerpt of Pandemonium?

Emmah No, I haven't read the excerpt ): I bought the book before the one with the excerpt came out!

Lindsay I didn't buy that copy either. I legit went to the bookstore and read it from the back lol. You have to do that next time you're at the store. The beginning just makes you're heart ache. :(

Emmah We don't have any bookstores around here anymore. All the Borders shut down. So I guess I'll just have to read it when it comes out haha. I buy all my books from Amazon.

Lindsay Oh my gosh that happened to me too! I had a Borders five minutes away from my house and now I have to go out of town to get books. :( I would order online but I've had problems in the past with that. Maybe you could look it up online, someone might have put it up.

Emmah yeah, the closest Borders before they all closed was like 20 mins away haha. and that was a Borders Express. i live in a super small town. i'll probably just wait until march to read the entire book haha. i don't want to be left at another cliffhanger.

Lindsay I hate having to wait so long. I legit put every book date on my calendar so I'll never forget when to go to the bookstore. Which books are you excited for this month?

Emmah I actually have no books that are coming out that I'm going to read until Pandemonium comes out haha. Then in May, I'm stoked for the 4th book to the NEED series by Carrie Jones.

Lindsay Really? So you haven't read the Hush Hush series, the Beautiful Creatures series, or Iron Fey series? If there is one you should check it out, its definitely the Iron Fey. Trust me, the series is to die for.

Emmah i've heard of the first series. not the other two.

Lindsay They're all incredibly good. I can tell you so many amazing series but for sure for sure if you love honest to god romance please check out the last one. By Julie Kagawa. Trust me, you will not regret it.

message 26: by Eve (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eve Actually i think they are going to "cure" him but it won't work. Or it will and lena will try to "uncure" him and try to make him love her again. Something like that. I dont care how they do it but he just has to be alive or it will ruin the series!!

Lindsay I know what you mean! God the suspense is killing me! I think this series would just die off if Alex didn't live. It would be one of the most useless deaths ever! Oh god, I am hoping you are right Eve, I am with you all the way.

message 28: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy I know it's a depressing thought, but I think she's going to pull a Romeo and Juliet on us. Alex is probably in the Jail right now in the same section that Lena's mom was in, he'll plan an escape and get out, but not soon enough, cause he'll probably find that Lena has either turned herself over to be cured or she'll have killed herself. Then, following the Romeo and Juliet theme, Alex will kill himself.

message 29: by Britnie (new) - added it

Britnie Hmm, interesting theory Amy. This is going to sound harsh but I don't know many YA authors I would even think had the courage to pull something like that. Especially in the 2nd book of a trilogy. I've read less than a hand full of YA book in which one of the centeral main characters like that was killed off, much less both.

Lindsay That's definitely right Britnie. But then again, Lauren has been known to take the plunge with her writing and kill off a main character that everyone knows and loves. Have you read Before I Fall?

And even though Lauren does like to take risks, I don't think she would kill off Lena simply because this is a different kind of series. She might GOD FORBID kill off Alex but Lena will most likely survive.

message 31: by Britnie (new) - added it

Britnie Yeah but Before I Fall was a totally different type of book. You knew from the start that the main character died. I just think people are worrying for nothing lol I'd bet almost anything Lena and Alex are both safe.

Lindsay True true. But then again, we can't help how we feel! Our hearts are swooning for Alex!!!

message 33: by Britnie (new) - added it

Britnie Well he is very swoon-worthy <3 lol

Lindsay He is. My heart still aches for his sexiness!!!!! I am so excited for March. Not only does Pandemonium come out but so does the Hunger Games movie!

Tally-wa I swear I will flip out if lena gets with some other guy and Alex Dang well better be uncured as well as largely involved!

Lindsay Ditto Brittany! I am so scared to read this book yet I am dying to find out what happens. I preordered it on my kindle so I can get it the second it comes out :D

Sierra What do you think happened with Lena's Mom?

Lindsay Thats a good question Sierra. I actually forgot about her mom. I can't wait to find out though! What do you think happened?

Sierra lol Well, my theory is that her and Alex meet up somehow and escape. Hopefully finding Lena. I read the teaser thing in the newer Delirium books and it sounds like Lena is trying to forget Alex, i cant remember i read it a while ago, and so i HOPE she doesn't get over him and fall in love again. But if she does and Alex comes back that would make for an interesting love triangle, and i personally love love triangles.

message 40: by Britnie (new) - added it

Britnie I read that too and now I'M a little worried and I've been telling all my friends not to worry. They had the sort of love in Delirium that I'll see as tainted if too big of a love triangle is brought in. Maybe like a really minor one I could suffer through but if she has "feelings" for another guy or is "torn" in any way I might just scream.

Orinks Lol. It's funny, out of all the reviews for this book, I think I'm the only guy that's ever reviewed it. It'd be interesting to find the teaser somewhere, even though now we have just a little less than a month to wait. Sarah Drew by far is the best at narrating these and she also narrates Before I Fall and does a stellar job.
My theory is that Lena will give up on Alex. In regulator hands, Lena figures that by her standards, he's pretty much unrescuable. Security will be on overkill extra high alert because of Lena's mothers escape just a month before I believe, now this. I'm sure the first thing Lena does when she "runs" is attempt to get Alex out of her mind. And as Alex has said, "You can never go back." Lena will probably follow that because she loves him. She'll probably think they'll execute him immediately, given he works at the labs or is at least faking that.
I also have to wonder about the "cure" itself. What does it do to ones memories to kill feelings of love? Rachel, William and everyone else not on the wild side are brainwashed, and something makes me wonder whether the cure has hipnosis qualities about it that changes the way cured's think about love, which is to say they don't think about it at all, only that it's wrong and the cure changes hormones to where they're practically useless.
Anyway, I doubt we'll find out how the cure really works. I guess the SciFi geek in me wants to know, but I understand this is a romance book. And with Sarah Drew reading I have to get the audio due to blindness as it's the most enjoyable, I'll listen to her all day lol. I like the voice she does for Alex. I'm not swooning but let's just say I'd rather it be him than some other scank Lena is messing with.
Sorry for the huge rant here.

Bryan Sanchez shoot julian i hate him. Team Alex

Lindsay Gah no spoilers yet!!! Haven't read!!!!!

Darlalala have your gun ready, you'll be SOSing someone

Lindsay oh no!!!!!! Ahhh!

message 46: by Erin (new) - rated it 1 star

Erin Lindsay, I can NOT wait to chat with you after you've read this. I couldn't read it, I skipped to the end after 2 chapters and almost threw my kindle at the wall!!! I can't even think about this book without getting sick to my stomach; Lauren Oliver seriously screwed up IMO.

Lindsay Oh Erin, I can't wait to chat either! I'm so nervous to read this!

Emmah I didn't think it was that bad haha. Besides it giving me nightmares and me waking up in panic attacks randomly through the night (i read right before I go to bed). I absolutely loved the last page of the book though haha.

message 49: by Erin (new) - rated it 1 star

Erin Emmah wrote: "I didn't think it was that bad haha. Besides it giving me nightmares and me waking up in panic attacks randomly through the night (i read right before I go to bed). I absolutely loved the last page..."

Oh, God, that's the page that made me want to crawl into a ball and tear my hear out!! Okay, that's an exaggeration, but seriously, I was messed up after reading that ending.

Emmah Erin wrote: "Emmah wrote: "I didn't think it was that bad haha. Besides it giving me nightmares and me waking up in panic attacks randomly through the night (i read right before I go to bed). I absolutely loved..."

I was so glad to read that (view spoiler) was back though!

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