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The Story of Roland by James  Baldwin
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Mar 30, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: classics, fantasy

I actually have the Easton Press leather bound copy of this book. I found it at my favorite used book store.

Have you heard of Roland? I find in this day when schools are more involved with building "self esteem" than education that there are a lot of classics (and for that matter a lot of history and an a lot educational fundamentals such as reading) that are neglected or completely unheard of. From the legends of Charlemagne Roland is the "proto" Paladin. One of the 12 Paladins of Charlemagne his story has influenced both historical figures (Joan of Arc's sword was thought by some to be Roland's Durendal [which he broke so it would not fall into enemy hands] reforged) and modern fantasy writers (Michael Moorcock has Elric sound his horn which Moorcock connects to the horn of Roland, Olifant to signal "world's end and new beginning").

The stories here are iconic as well as enjoyable and fairly readable. Comparable with if not quite as well known as the Arthurian Legend for many this will be an edition of these stories they'll want to have around. Listed in many places as a "youth" book it's also a read many adults will enjoy.
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message 1: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Obrigewitsch Yup schools are more concerted with turning out happy idiots today than competent thinkers. Real competent thinkers have high self esteem, happy idiots loose it all when they find out they can't actually get anywhere in life.

Mike (the Paladin) No criticism here but in a group here someone said they were working on a PHD in "Feminist Cyber-Punk Science Fiction". I mean it's cool if that's the area they want to study, but I can't see how the degree will be useful....

See how nice I was there?

My kids are both grown and doing well. My daughter was always a reader, I had to find something to get my son interested. I got concerned when I read some of their (so called) textbooks.


message 3: by Andrew (last edited May 29, 2013 10:26AM) (new) - added it

Andrew Obrigewitsch I graduated in 98' and the school where bad then, (I want to a private school through grade school and was way ahead when I entered junior high) but apparently they have gotten worse. And judging by what is popular in TV I would say that eduction is truly failing.

Additionally 100 years ago a high school grad knew more about math, writing and was way more literate than the average collage grad today. All you need to do is read a book the average man read back then to see this. For example This Side of Paradise was considered a normal book, not a highly literary one as we consider it today.

100 years ago the U.S. was the most educated nation on earth and they just kept changing it and changing it, now they don't even care about educating kids, they just care about making them feel good. Truly feeling good comes from knowing what you are doing and knowing you can accomplish things, and then going and accomplishing them, not telling yourself you feel good even though you are failing and then popping pills so you can forget about your failures.

Mike (the Paladin) Indoctrination instead of education. Some people laugh at those on TV showing ignorance, it makes me cringe.

message 5: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Your right about education. I was the last class to read phonetically and the first not to be taught grammar. Everything I know I learned from "Mad libs". I am amazed that I have a love for reading in spite of it.

message 6: by Andrew (new) - added it

Andrew Obrigewitsch I can't even watch TV, I get super bored. I can rent movies (and most of what comes out today is damn boring too when it comes to movies, the same thing over and over again) but not watch actual TV shows.

Mike (the Paladin) There are a few "programs" I like. I occasionally have to grit my teeth a little and often a program I have hope for pushes beyond my limit. There's 3 or 4 I still watch.

My daughter is the family Grammarian...she tends to cringe at her friends posts on line and even points out my typos.

message 8: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Agreed on movies and TV shows. Where has all the talent gone?

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