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THE FAT BAG stuck between a rock cake & a hard plaice by Pearl Barley
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Mar 30, 2011

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This book was what it promised. A funny, witty look at years of yoyo dieting. It obviously caught me in the sample and also due to my mum being a chronic yoyo dieter from before I was born and still to this day.. *sigh*. So for me personally I found it a hilarious insider's point of view of the craziness that is extreme dieting. Every golden promise of weight loss appears to have been seized and explored in this book and the 'Bridget Jones style' writing is quirky and enjoyable.
The reason it got three stars is due to the formatting. Now I can quite happily pass over the odd typo/format issue but this book has a constant issue.. It is fixable and I hope the author considers doing so because it is very distracting (and happens SO often). What has happened is she's used the block style paragraphs, which is fine. But instead of allowing the text to 'continue' around the page she's hit enter. Which means you have half a sentence that then continues at the beginning of the next paragraph (or occasionally floats between paragraphs all on its lonesome). For a $4.99 priced book I don't think it's unreasonable to say I feel more time was needed here.
But otherwise a funny chatty read that comes across on the borderline of fiction/non-fiction. It probably would be a good read for those attempting the.. ahh.. not so sensible dieting practises? *grin*

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