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Hungry for You by Lynsay Sands
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Mar 30, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: urban-fantasy

My four-sentence or less take on the plot: Alex is a chef and restaurant owner who is getting constantly plagued by a series of mishaps that put her restaurant's opening in jeopardy. Cale is a very old Immortal (read: Vampire) who gets word that Alex may be his mate (finally!). Cale and Alex work towards: opening the restaurant, falling in love, and solving the mystery of the cause of her restaurant woes. Many of your favorite Argeneau characters have cameos in "Hungry for you".

Rating: 7

What worked: This is one of the first paranormal romances that I've read where the male protag was very interested in finding a "mate" and is actively interested in being in a committed relationship (far more than the female protag). I really liked Alexandra's relationship with her sisters (who were featured in previous books). I actually like all the overlap between Sand's books. Once you enjoy a character, you can expect to see them (or at least hear about them) in future books. That being said, the books are easily read out of order.

I actually really like the explanation for Vampires in Sand's universe. It's interesting, different, and makes more sense than most other explanations.

What didn't: The book was a bit silly but Lynsay Sands books usually are rather silly. It was an easy read, which can be both a good or a bad thing. The plot was simple and the mystery wasn't very difficult to solve about half-way through the book. In fact, I would say the only one who didn't know whodunit was Alex.

Keep reading? Yes but I will probably get the books at the used book store

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