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The Dragon's Path by Daniel Abraham
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Mar 29, 2011

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Follow the lives of Captain Marcus Wester, Sir Geder Palliako, Cithrin Bel Sarcour and Dawson Kalliam as they are taken onto the path of war. Each must weave through traitors, political foes and banks to gain what they want.


Structure of the Book

The Dragon’s Path is a slice of life novel. It combines the lives of four individual who are not connected at first but in the end are. The prose is wonderful throughout the novel and reflects each character well. The novel starts off slow and takes a few chapters to settle into a good pace. Once it does, each event provides hints to the future. By the end, the players are in position for the next novel.


The four main characters are each unique and give us different views of the world around them. Marcus was a hero who killed a king and is feared by many. Because of the death of his wife and daughter, he has stayed away from many conflicts. Cithren would have been Marcus’ daughter age if she survived and he can’t help but to keep her out of trouble due to his guilt.

Cithren’s parents died early in her life and she can’t remember their faces. She became the ward of the bank in Vanai and learned how to run a bank. But as much knowledge as she knows her lack of experiences sets her back.

Geder grows the most during the novel and it isn’t for the better. The core of his personality does not change and he will bring something far worse back home. His ups and downs have made me a fan and I’m hoping the best for him.

Dawson is a selfish man who only thinks of himself. His attitude of the people below him is quite ugly. He does care deeply for his family, but he also cares for the empire and traditions.

Final Thoughts

The slow pace at the beginning caused me to put off reading the book for days. Once I realized the novel was a slice of life, I enjoyed it very much. I wished it touched more on the religious aspect since it will play a big part in the future. If you don’t mind the slowness and the slice of life, then this novel is a must read for you. Personally, I cannot wait to read the next novel.

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