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The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin
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did not like it
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If you are thinking there's going to be aliens in this book, well, there aren't. We only see the alien perspective in the last 60 pages.

If you are thinking the "Three Body Problem" pertains to gender or sex. You'd be wrong. This book is about as sexist as you can get. Women constantly being murdered. You constantly see the text saying "She shouldn't be in this field" all the time.
What is the "Three Body Problem"? A math equation about three 'bodies' in orbit around each other.

The only one living is Ye Wenjie and she's not on the good side. Everything is male and default male. Even the Trisolarians.
The rest of the book? It's a pure slog fest. Nothing really happens for a good 50 pages of book and this is a big book.

This also isn't a book for regular people. This is a book for astrophysicists and even then they might face palm at some of the bullshit science going on in here to make science magic happen. You are constantly bombarded by science lecture at every turn. Add to that the fact the author likes to expound upon EVERYTHING, unfolding a proton? We have to describe how two other attempts fail before we get to it actually unfolding.

The "game" in this book isn't even a game, it's something like a VR MUSH (Multi User Shared Hallucination (appropriate for this)).
Really I have no idea why this book won so many awards other than a bunch of science bros stuffed the voting box.

This book is boring and long and there are no real aliens. It's a The Forge of God which is another book that's long and boring with no real aliens.
It also doesn't help the Ken Liu has a very rigid style to his works where as Cixin Liu I've read has a more flowing style. Still nothing could save this bore of a book.

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March 10, 2016 – Shelved
March 10, 2016 – Shelved as: to-read
March 10, 2016 – Shelved as: cn-books
May 17, 2016 – Started Reading
May 17, 2016 –
page 10
2.4% "Aaand the first death of this book is a girl who was described as slender.. of course."
May 17, 2016 –
page 11
2.64% "Yeah her death is pretty gruesome and of course "a single beautiful eye" sexulized in defeat."
May 17, 2016 –
page 15
3.61% "Shao Lin has a point. Those laws of physics were the work of the masses than one single individual. Why do we stick a dude's name on it and think it's OK. Some of them were stolen from other cultures too."
May 17, 2016 –
page 20
4.81% "Second person dead is a dude, but he was killed by "4 crazed girls" and Shao Lin's mind had "broken" as it was "fragile" =_ ="
May 17, 2016 –
page 25
6.01% "I'm not sure i'm liking the writing of this book. So far it's been going on about physics being reactionary and all that and I'm just =_ ="
May 25, 2016 –
page 29
6.97% "Whoa talking about those freaky atmospheric incidents that happened back about a decade."
May 25, 2016 –
page 34
8.17% "Of course the man takes all the accolades and the woman takes all the shit."
May 30, 2016 –
page 59
14.18% "Is this book implying that a woman has to be autistic to go into a science field?"
May 30, 2016 –
page 62
14.9% "No aliens yet... I hope this book doesn't become another "Forge of God""
May 31, 2016 –
page 73
17.55% "So the laws of physics don't exist.. and this means what?"
June 2, 2016 –
page 74
17.79% "Does China have a Thanksgiving where they eat turkey or did Liu change things to be more American."
June 2, 2016 –
page 93
22.36% "So it's starting to get into ARG and horror territory."
June 4, 2016 –
page 112
26.92% "What MMO deletes your ID when you log out of it?"
June 9, 2016 –
page 126
30.29% "I hate these long build ups to action. usually my interest wanes before the payoff."
June 9, 2016 –
page 126
30.29% "I also hate the gender essentialism in this book. Though some of the wording here seems like it's done to appease government censors."
June 11, 2016 –
page 126
30.29% "I've been putting off reading more of this as I don't feel attached to any of the characters yet."
June 14, 2016 –
page 171
41.11% "China sends propaganda to the aliens XD!!"
June 14, 2016 –
page 192
46.15% "So we figured out the world has three suns. The title gets dropped to as it refers to the suns.\n We've mentioned the aliens However haven't done anything with them yet."
June 15, 2016 –
page 196
47.12% ""She wasn't like those FEMININE women so I liked her, me a person that does not like women." =_____ = but she's still described as pretty of course."
June 15, 2016 –
page 196
47.12% "OK she's feminine but not CONVENTIONALLY feminine"
June 15, 2016 –
page 204
49.04% "Aaaand another woman dead."
June 15, 2016 –
page 225
54.09% "It says on a blurb this is for people that like computer. What they mean is:\n This is for people that like math as it relates to computers. Basically how the binary system works, calculations and that garbage."
June 16, 2016 –
page 227
54.57% "FINALLY ALIENS.. sort of"
June 16, 2016 –
page 229
55.05% "We don't know what they LOOK LIKE, BUT.. we know they can do this and that with their bodies 0.o"
June 16, 2016 –
page 230
55.29% "So they say the Aztec empire was "dark and bloody" and if it had not been snuffed out by the Spanish then Democracy wouldn't have thrived.\n Why do I think this is a pile of bullshit?"
June 16, 2016 –
page 242
58.17% "I sense that the author wanted to put in eleventy billion more scenes about logging into Three Body but might have been told to cut it short...\n BECAUSE THIS BOOK IS FUCKING BORING AS SHIT!"
June 16, 2016 –
page 249
59.86% "How the fuck did this shitty book win awards. It's killed off all the smart women and left it up to all the men to science maths! and solve all the shit.\n And 90% of the book is talking about math, rotations, starts, the three-body problem/equation.\n What you thought "problem" meant that there were three bodies.. NOPE. Three suns in orbit. yeah..."
June 21, 2016 –
page 262
62.98% "This book might also appeal to people in astrophysics. Overall I don't see why this won the awards it did."
June 26, 2016 –
page 275
66.11% "And the only woman left alive and a major player in this book dooms earth to alien invasion. =_ ="
June 26, 2016 –
page 281
67.55% "And another woman is dead."
June 26, 2016 –
page 282
67.79% "Oh and of course she has "mother issues" which is how she was distracted so they could detonate the bomb she had. Not she isn't named either."
June 26, 2016 –
page 285
68.51% "Also Ye murders her husband and co-worker, though I'll give it to her that she murdered Lei because he was going to take her credit. Fuck him! Still she's played of as being evil."
June 26, 2016 –
page 287
68.99% "OK she tries to save her husband but he doesn't listen and "Well there's not going to be another chance so..""
June 26, 2016 –
page 303
72.84% "UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHhhhhhhh.... Lots of the book are little long "slice of life" moments about the character in question and you very much are shouting "GET ON WITH IT!""
July 2, 2016 –
page 326
78.37% "Uhh there's no friction in space, all they'd have to do is burn it all in one go to get up to speed and then collect along the way.....\n Also why would you decelerate 450 years away from earth? If anything couldn't you use a gravitational orbit to take off speed?"
July 2, 2016 –
page 333
80.05% "Slowly grinding this book out"
July 3, 2016 –
page 338
81.25% "They plan on murdering people just to get a computer."
July 4, 2016 –
page 348
83.65% "Of course the Trisolaran is male. Of course they use the exact same technology as 1970's Earth for an advanced civilization."
July 4, 2016 –
page 350
84.13% ""Opposite sex"\n binary genders"
July 4, 2016 –
page 354
85.1% "Earth is gendered of course as a woman."
July 4, 2016 –
page 366
87.98% "See this is the parts that make the book drag."
July 4, 2016 –
page 378
90.87% "So physics isn't really broken it's just magic protons"
July 4, 2016 –
page 381
91.59% "This is such bullshit"
July 4, 2016 – Finished Reading

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