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How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper
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Mar 29, 2011

it was amazing

Mo Wenstein has just broken up with her boyfriend and has decided she needed a change. She also has some very interesting yet intrusive parents that sort of make it easier for Mo to decide to move all the way across country to Grundy, Alaska.

Mo moves to Grundy with a plastered "New Arrival" stamp on her forehead. She is very pretty so the men start to perk up a bit when she walks into the Blue Glacier saloon. It's one of those small towns were everyone knows everyone and most don't take to well to outsiders. Though some Grundy natives take to her very well, like Abner, this really cute old man or Alan the local Ranger. There is one man in particular that doesn't seem to like Mo at all, and it drives her crazy. That would be Cooper the neighborhood friendly werewolf.

Then one day while Mo was at home she hears some weird noise on her porch. She takes a look outside and finds a naked man with a bear trap on his ankle. Then she realizes that the naked man is Cooper. She helps him in the house fixes his ankle that is healing as she bandages it. She was a pit surprised when she looked back over at the man laying on the floor and found a wolf instead. If Mo though Grundy might be a little boring, it sure just got interesting real fast.

Cooper is suppose to be the Alpha of his pack but because of somethings that happened he left the pack and is now on his own in Grundy, though he does have family there, Evie the local saloon's owner. Some strange attacks start happening around Grundy, some locals are attacked by a wolf and some hikers. Cooper can't really remember everything that he does while in wolf form and thinks he might be responsible, but Mo just doesn't believe that.

Mo never really thought she would move to Grundy and fall in love with a werewolf, but now that its happened her thoughts on relationships has gotten a lot more complicated.

This is the first novel of Molly Harper's that I have read and I found it very entertaining and I will be reading some more books by this author. I could tell by the tittle of this book that it was going to be a fun romp. The characters are great. I don't think there is a character, well besides the bad guy that I didn't like. All of them from Main Characters to secondary characters were so alive.

Mo is a very spunky and at times you might think a little suicidal (picking fights with werewolf but I liked how she defended Cooper and never backed down either. She even smacked Cooper a couple of times too, she definitely had some nerve. I guess that makes her perfect for dating a werewolf. Cooper, he is sexy and brooding, sometimes I wanted to smack him myself for the way he acted, but he grows on you. Evie, Buzz, Abner, Alan, and the rest of the Grundy gang sweeps you off your feet and you just fall in love with them all. Because of this I have a bone to pick with the author because of what happens to one of my favorite characters, but I shall now say because you must read the book and find out yourself.

Molly Harper has a unique way of blending comedy and the paranormal together to make her books just down right fun to read. Though for those who may not care for sex in their books I must say that this is a adult read. I would recommend this to anyone who loves paranormal reads and say quick go and get you a copy!!!!
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