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Dawn by Yoshiki Tanaka
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Read 2 times. Last read March 8, 2016 to April 2, 2016.

The rating here is for the TRANSLATION as I read a fan translation of the novel before.
For that review go here.

However ViZ/Haikasoru decided to treat us all like we are kids and give it the "Let's modernize old sci-fi and make it modern cuz people r dum!" or something.
I'm sure the people reading this book all know that it was written in the 80s and that the anime is from the 80s, so changing the fact that Julian was reading republished books to "e-copies" is kind of a slap in the face to our intelligence. They don't even stay consistent with the changes as 3D television was changed to... something else, however later in the book we are back to 3D displays.
Also suddenly we have to VERY SPECIFICALLY point out that the gunners are using touch screens? That was not in the original and I can only think the "e-gram"toward the end of the book is another 'vizlation'. (My fan version cuts off after chapter 7)

Let me also get it out of the way that the UC (Universal Calendar) was changed to SE (Space Era). There is no explanation to why ViZ did it that way. I can only think because of Gundam. However I think I will just go with. "Because ViZ like to change and censor things and this is REALLY apparent in their manga." I am hoping the wiki sites out there will keep the "UC" as that is used in the original novels, the anime and the gaidens and make some note how ViZ is being silly.

Still to modernize a book written in the 80s reeks of treating us like children in how Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are rewritten for then to all have cell phones and such.

Also they seem to like to use big words for no reason other than Sci-Fi likes to use big words for no reason.
Also++ they seem hooked on the word "countenance" when talking about people's face like DMP does in their Vampire Hunter D Vampire Hunter D by Hideyuki Kikuchi books.

Overall though the translation doesn't seem to meander from what is written. Nor does it seem to add flavor text like I hear some of TokyoPops stuff does. So I'll give them credit for not horribly mucking it up. Just if you are going to read it. Realize that it has been modernized "for the kids, yo".

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March 8, 2016 –
page 0
0.0% "I can already tell ViZ changing the decades established UC to "Space Era; SE" that this is going to be a shit translation."
March 9, 2016 –
page 28
9.59% "Yeah, ViZ took a LOT of liberties with the text, even "translating" Kaiser which is pretty important to the fact that the Empire is basically space Nazis but not."
March 10, 2016 –
page 40
13.7% "So it looks like Viz is adding filler text that doesn't appear to be in the original if my source is correct. Small little things, but still a nuisance"
March 11, 2016 –
page 48
16.44% ""Space srmada"\n haikasoru didn't even do a simple spellcheck before a proof read."
March 11, 2016 –
page 53
18.15% "Urgh, seriously hate when people "modernize" a text when translating it from like like the 70s and 80s. Sometimes it's FUN to read about how people saw the future back then.\n Also dead tree books will probably never die out.\n It also makes it more poignant than they REPUBLISH old books instead of just "e-copies""
March 12, 2016 –
page 64
21.92% "Sometimes I find the stubbornness of the officers to be a bit unbelievable"
March 15, 2016 –
page 85
March 16, 2016 –
page 97
33.22% "*PSA: People don't die from pneumonia that much anymore. It's mostly people in hospital that are already weakened*"
March 16, 2016 –
page 100
34.25% "Oh they'll change the 3D TV and republished books, but won't change people dying of an illness that doesn't really affect anyone not already near death."
March 17, 2016 –
page 117
40.07% "Sometimes Tanaka bothers me with his gender essentialism. Though I think he gets better in his later works? I think this was his first work and his oldest work."
March 18, 2016 –
page 135
46.23% "So Yang likes to drink red tea and It's not really mentioned what tea, however it seems the book wants to say Shillong, but I can't find any red teas from there. The only red tea I know is Rooibos."
March 19, 2016 –
page 145
49.66% "Of course every woman has to be beautiful. Men are never written to be handsome unless it has some bearing on the plot."
March 21, 2016 –
page 157
53.77% "Yeah ViZ decided to "modernify" and say they were using "Touch-screens" when in the original it was just a button"
March 21, 2016 –
page 170
58.22% "Uggghhh ViZ..."
March 23, 2016 –
page 183
62.67% "It's interesting that ViZ didn't decide to change all the crap about women having difficult childbirths since that's been a thing of the past SINCE about the 1980s\n Also the fact that everything is patriarchal too."
March 24, 2016 –
page 187
64.04% "Tanaka remembers that women exist and can take office :O"
March 24, 2016 –
page 188
64.38% "Once again a woman is undermined by being described by how pretty her looks are: "and attractive woman, graceful and intellectual sort of beauty""
March 25, 2016 –
page 199
March 29, 2016 –
page 218
74.66% "So basically the Alliance at this point is pulling a USA and fighting a battle the can't win for political reasons."
March 30, 2016 –
page 234
80.14% "Finally a chapter that wasn't in my fan translation."
March 31, 2016 –
page 236
80.82% ""Hysteria" I do believe is no longer a medical term since it's based on gendered hatred.\n Also bullshit."
March 31, 2016 –
page 255
87.33% "I would have just said I got the communique late :3"
April 1, 2016 –
page 269
92.12% "This is starting to feel like a typical shounen anime.. only with admirals and ships."
April 2, 2016 –
page 288
98.63% "地球へ。。。"
April 2, 2016 – Finished Reading

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