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Chimera by Rob Thurman
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Mar 28, 2011

it was ok

Hm. I wanted to like this, because I like all of Thurman's other books. I can't say I exactly hated it, but I lost interest in it very quickly. The science fiction elements didn't really seem to have much of a presence - Stefan could have been rescuing his brother from a perfectly mundane human trafficking ring and it wouldn't have changed much of anything. It seemed like a whole lot of nothing happened from beginning to end, just two guys on the road snarking at each other, and I got sick of the ridiculously stupid decisions Stefan had to keep making in order for the plot to keep plodding right along. Of course he has some paltry excuse not to double-tap the crazy man who caught up with him and his brother for the second time! It makes perfect sense that he would pick up a suspicious hitchhiker on the side of the rode while on the run for his life with his vulnerable brother! Uh, yeah, no.

Also, I didn't know what to make of Stefan's belief that he had never killed anyone. You habitually shoot people in the torso and don't stick around to see what happens or get them some help, I think it's safe to assume the "Thou shalt not kill" ship has passed. Maybe we were supposed to criticize his naivete, but I didn't get that impression.

I wasn't very moved by the relationship between Stefan and Lukas/Michael, and the "twist" ending didn't amaze me. Like I said, not an awful book, but nowhere near what I was hoping for.
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Serene I agree. Your review summed up my feelings about this book totally. It felt really bland.

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