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The Toxic Tooth by Robert Kulacz
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This book was published in 2014, and it is therefore really up to date. It explains the details relating to the dangers of root canal filled teeth and cavitations from extracted teeth, discusses the most recent studies that confirms the research of Dr Weston Price that was done between 1900 and 1925, but that was actively suppressed and hidden from the public as well as the dental research community for 75 years until Dr George Meinig found it, reviewed it, and wrote the book The Root Canal Cover-Up in 1994. Dr Kulacz was forced out of his dental practice in 2006 through a court case for revocation of his license by the American Dental Association. He was charged with malpractice for extracting root canal filled teeth. The truth is that he was pushed out of practice because he, since he became aware of this research and began to heal people by removing root canal teeth and cavitations, also began to disseminate this information on talk shows and interviews. This is another example of a professional association/medical institution actively suppressing information dissemination by well-informed and well-intentioned medical practitioners trying to help people be healthier, but in the process, disturbing the status quo.
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message 1: by Skyqueen (new) - added it

Skyqueen Guillaume, this is surprising and yet not. Medical cover-ups are STILL going on today. I encourage you to watch an award winning documentary that I just saw as of last night, UNDER OUR SKIN. It will enlighten and enrage you. (It is a worldwide epidemic but is being politicized and manipulated by Insurance Companies. Greed as usual that has nothing to do with healing.) But definitely goes along with your studies and research. BTW, you also DO know about the false promises (and dangers) of fluoride that are STILL being taught today. How do I know? Because we go to the Texas A&M College of Dentistry in Dallas and they won't HEAR of my disparaging remarks about it!
Thanks for the headsup on these books.

Guillaume Belanger Thanks for the comment, and you're welcome. Yes, I do know about many, many more medical cover-ups and terrible stories of intimidation and court cases of very good and well-intentioned practitioners. I also know of the issues with fluoride and amalgams. Yes, it seems that the US, for all its good sides, is always the last to change the status quo with respect to health matters. Imagine the difference, in Germany, the first thing they do when you present yourself with heart troubles is to pull out all root canal and infected teeth and clean up cavitations. Then they look at the heart and other things. In Switzerland, there are NO amalgams nor titanium implants: everything is zirconia ceramic composites. Fortunately, in most civilised countries, government still at, least in part, works for the general good of the population. Amazingly, in the US, it is very rarely the case when it comes to health. Sad, but true. In the US all changes have to be forced upon government by public pressure. And as we all know, this takes a long time...

message 3: by Jean (new)

Jean This is very interesting. I had a lot of bad experiences with dentists growing up, especially with extractions. I read in a magazine that most dentists won't tell you that swishing around hydrogen peroxide is safe for keeping away cavities and also for keeping your teeth white. I rarely go to the dentist, but the hygienist always compliments my white teeth!

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