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Lucky Few by Kathryn Ormsbee
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really liked it
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What is this I see???? A book that actually has a GOOD AND ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF HOMESCHOOLERS??!!?!? I can't even say how happy I am about that!! How ridiculously happy!! I'm a homeschool graduate and like, it's never perfect (neither is school tbh), but it's still an excellent way to be educated if it works for you. 10/10 for the homeschooling in here. And on top of that it was really REALLY funny and actually heart wrenchingly perfect. My only complaint is the ending absolutely sUCKED. But we'll get to that.

Also I loved the diversity!! I kind of fail at paying attention to what characters look like haha, but I think (from the cover) that Max and Sanger are POC. Max has anxiety and missing fingers. Also Stevie has Type 1 Diabetes and it's ridiculous that I've not read that in a book before, so I'm really glad it was here!! I also thought al the diversity worked extremely well and seemed really accurate and none of it was like "there for the trendy cookies", if you know what I mean? It affected the story and it was amazingly done!!

The characters were like BEST, mate, absolute BEST. They seemed so real and maybe it was a homeschooler thing that I related to them...but also just they were nerdy and intelligent and sassy and thought deeply about things. MA PEOPLE. Plus the sass. I love banter. I also 10000% adore how it features a really strong girl friendship. Stevie and Sanger are literal best friend goals. SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS too, which I appreciated.

And the romance was cuuuute as anything. Also I think I'm a huge fan because the romance was like 5% of the story. It was firstly about (a) friendship, (b) Stevie sticking up for her activist believes, (c) talking very brutally honestly and openly about death and fears, and (d) judging people. But like I totally shipped Max and Stevie. They were adorable and their romance was slow and super sweet and just AWK. FEELINGS.

I gotta admit some of the homeschool stuff was lost on me. I don't think we have "co-ops" in Australia??? And I'm mildly offended (kidding!) because I probably was more of the Jeans Jumper Homeschooler variety and I'm not proud hahhahhahh. I'll say mildly, and now I am a furious dragon queen of blood and fire and activism for things I believe in (like feminism and equality) so.
Things change.

Writing = totally addictive. I didn't want to put it down, although it DID feel like a slower read...maybe because I was paying attention to all the lines because I enjoyed it so much.

Okay but here comes the DOOM GLOOM SECTION and the reason it's not getting 5 stars. The ending really bombed okay. REALLY bombed. It made no sense to me and I have an unhappy. I maybe even have two unhappies, or even nine. And it sucks that a book that is PERFECT up until the last 50 pages can all be undone so fast. GAHHHHHH. But here, some things:

• I don't like how it handled Stevie's cousin, Joel. It had so much unfinished business with him. I really really liked Joel!! He seemed really complex and interesting and I wanted to know more about him...but it just ended up being tossed aside with zero answers. PETITION FOR A JOEL THEMED SEQUEL SPIN-OFF.
• I do NOT understand Stevie by the end. (view spoiler)
• It ended so abruptly and ugh, it just felt like the book got bored of talking. It was a non-ending. I'm pretty upset about it tbh.

ALL IN ALL: it was funny and witty and AMAZING and made me feel so at home and I really liked it! I will just try to forget the ending. I will burn the ending from my mind with a super heated spork. But I loved how diverse it was <3 and how morbid it was and how sassy it was. I LOVED THE CHARACTERS TO PIECES. Definitely read this if you want an accurate depiction of homeschooling. Because, hey, we are not freaks. We are intelligent and complex individuals who bomb tests and appreciate show reruns and like tacos and fake their deaths. NORMAL.

(Ok fine. Homeschoolers aren't normal but shhhhh. WHO IS NORMAL. NO ONE.)
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message 1: by Tessa (new) - added it

Tessa I wasn't planning on reading this, but books with a fair representation of homeschoolers are so rare that I think I'll give it a shot.

message 2: by Lydia (new) - added it

Lydia Z. i am actually really excited to read this... fellow homeschooler :)

C.G. Drews @Josiphine: IT'S WORTH IT!!!

@Lydia: Hello fellow homeschooler! *hi fives*

message 4: by Ashley (new) - added it

Ashley Elliott A book that accurately represents homeschoolers??? GIMME. I'm a homeschool grad, too, of the Jean Jumper variety - reformed and passionate about feminism & equality as well. :)

C.G. Drews @Ashley: *hi fives* At least we came to our senses hahahhah. ahem.

message 6: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Paquet Ooh. Homeschooling. As a homeschooler I appreciate that

Wait. Tell me you have been to a co op.... Right?!

message 7: by Kian (new) - added it

Kian Aleman Oh my gosh I grew up like half an hour from Austin? And I'm also a homeschool graduate?? I need this in my life just for those two reasons

message 8: by Hannah (new) - added it

Hannah Rodriguez was there a whole lot of cursing and such?

La Coccinelle Jean jumpers. Hahaha... I remember when those were actually in style. For everybody.

I went to public school mostly, but I did do a few months with a private tutor. I was able to do so much more in a lot less time; I had a couple hours of instruction a week, and didn't get behind at all. Makes me think I might've liked homeschooling! It wasn't really a thing when I was in school, though.

message 10: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews @Daisy: I just said we don't have co-ops in Australia that I know of.


@Hannah: They swear but I don't know what you consider "a whole lot" because it wasn't imo, haha.

@La Coccinelle: Back in like THE ANCIENT TIMES?? HHAHAHA. *dies of embarrassment. Homeschooling really is so fabulous and I know they get crap for not "socialising" but seriously how many kids go to public schools and don't make friends because of various reasons anyway?? :P

message 11: by Kristin (KC) (new) - added it

Kristin (KC) Awesome review, Cait! Your update alone made me add this one--I'm glad you enjoyed (everything but the ending;)!

message 12: by Katie (new)

Katie Hanna @Ashley We need to start a club of the Reformed Jean Jumper Homeschoolers, haha ;-)

message 13: by M F (new)

M F What does "Jean Jumper" mean? I'm trying to make these words fit together in my head but I think I'm missing something. (Presumably it's the American meaning of jumper not the British? Especially if jean is being used to mean denim. That's the only way I can make sense of the words together, but I still don't understand the connotations.)

message 14: by C.G. (last edited Mar 15, 2017 07:00PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews @Miriam: You know...people wearing all denim? Denim skirts and don't show your ankles and long hair and all that? Here's a handy guide. ;D (My family was never that bad tho hahah.)

message 15: by M F (new)

M F Ah, I see. I know the sort of people you mean (though I think they're a rarer breed in Britain / look a bit different), but the terminology was lost on me.

message 16: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Lovely review Cait! Sounds interesting.

message 17: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews @Hope: Like we had get-togethers and stuff with other homeschool families but it wasn't like classes?? I'd not heard of that until I started reading American books. :P

@Miriam: That's fair! Haha. Americans say things weirdly. Tbh that's what I'm assuming they mean anyway, from descriptions.

@Andrea: Thankyou!! It definitely was a great book! Apart from that ending. XD

message 18: by Hailey (new)

Hailey Hudson Homeschool? Oooh! I wanna read this.

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