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Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee
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really liked it
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Ooh this was such a cutely great book about internet fame! Of course obviously I read it in order to glean tips so I, too, can get like 50,000 followers over night. Did I get any good tips? HAHAHA HHAHA HAHAHA. No. But yet the book was absolutely adorable and funny and sweet, so that at least saves things. It also features an asexual protagonist. And also a lot of Russian literature. #Nice

Also I have to admit I'm not hugely into youtube. Although I do watch ||Superwoman|| because reasons. AND I did love the Lizzie Bennet Diaries vlog series, so I 100% imagined this as like that!!

Oh and confession? Despite the book being called TASH hearts Tolstoy...do you know who can never remember her name? *raises hand* I legit was just scrolling through the book trying to find her name and now I feel like a waffle dead in a puddle of spoiled milk. Why wasn't I given a memory. WHO TOOK IT FROM ME. WHY IS LIFE LIKE THIS.

Let's move forward

Internet appreciation. We gotcha youtube and tumblr and vlogging and twitter and HASHTAGS.
Also how it showed the internet is not ALL great news. I'm a book reviewer so hello yes I've experienced hate for just, erm, existing...(Like don't get me started on twitter-thread-hates on me earlier this year for calling a book sexist [which it was]...ah. Good times.) So I really related to that part and how the teens reacted and just the pressure of creating content + hoping people love it + anxiety if they don't + trying to figure out what to respond to and what not to. I think if you're part of ANY sort of artist-creating-content-on-the-internet community you're going to relate to this book!!
The friendships were SO excellent I cannot even. Like Tash has these epic BFFs from just down the road, Jack and Paul. They're childhood friends and just know each other 100% and it's so stinkin' adorable. I want a Jack and a Paul. Jack is totally the kind of person who will stab you with a spork and has no chill for kindness. And Paul is a ginormous adorable puppy who stole the show and is so loveable and dorky and sweet and fjakdslafd PAUL. TOO PRECIOUS FOR THIS WORLD.
I loved the writing style! It's perfectly witty and bantery and also has times for the retrospective life. And it's just easy to be swallowed by. Nothing like a book to consume your face, obviously.
LOVELY PARENTS!! Woah. Will wonders never cease.
All the appreciation for the asexual-romantic representation! The only other (canon) asexual book I've read is Every Heart a Doorway and I'm so keen to read more. Asexuals are not mythical unicorns!! So Tash likes people, mostly aesthetically, but she doesn't want to have sex with them. Hence she HEARTS Tolstoy. And also, ya know...other people...*whistles mysteriously*

I actually liked Tash less as the story goes on. I think this is because I found her a liiiittle too controlling. She was pretty self-obsessed and like she does get called out on it!! And I'm NOT saying I want to read about perfect characters. But in the end she was frustrating me a lot and I just didn't really connect with her. However, I am Spock and am more likely to connect with your lasagna than you. So.
Romance was not my favourite. I mean, it was at the end!! HECK YES TO THE END. But I did find it a little too frustrating.
I did NOT get the point of her sister, Klaudie. She was the perfect child who started acting like an insufferable dead pincushion and I just wanted to hi five her in the face with my cereal bowl. She really had no reason to be a bucket of bologna.
• It also took me a while to remember who was who. But I mean their vlogging cast had like 7 people...plus other side characters. Don't you go throwing more than 3 names at me and expecting things. FOR GOODNESS SAKES I COULDN'T REMEMBER TASH WAS CALLED TASH. And I thought Jack was a boy for like...ages. She's a girl. I also have no idea who was who in their vlogging cast still except George was an insufferable spork and someone else was a human. I think. IDK. I'm fishing for straws here. Help me. (I'm not good with names. Or people tbh.)

ALL IN ALL: this is so definitely a book you need in your life! It's funny AND bittersweet at times and it's 5000% relatable if you, like me, are also trying to marry the internet. It features one of my favouritest sibling duos of ever whom I want to be adopted by immediately (AND PAUL ERMAGERD) and it was a most pleasurable thing to read. If this book was a waffle it would not exist because I would have eaten it. *

* erm that was actually high praise. Shhhhh don't hate on my imagery.
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message 1: by Brooke (new) - added it

Brooke Yesssssssss asexual representation and the internet. It's going on my tbr!

message 2: by A. Frost (new) - added it

A. Frost Great review, Cait! Adding it.

"Why wasn't I given a memory. WHO TOOK IT FROM ME." Ha, this reminds me of Strange the Dreamer ;P

message 3: by Darcy (new)

Darcy (Daydreamingofbookdragons) Loved your review! Also The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!! I've watched all the videos twice over and am really due for another binge sometime soon... Have you read the book?

Cath (Cather.reads) I shelved this, then saw you were reading it and waiting here with crossed fingers and bated breath to see if you would like it. As an ace, I desperately want to read a book where we're represented :)

message 5: by Mama X (new)

Mama X So since you've read this, maybe you can answer me. Unless it's a spoiler... what's up with the old man on the cover? -_-

message 6: by Brooke (new) - added it

Brooke Carrie wrote: "So since you've read this, maybe you can answer me. Unless it's a spoiler... what's up with the old man on the cover? -_-"
That's Tolstoy mate! There's literally an arrow going from the name TOLSTOY to the picture of his face. He's the old writer Tash is a fan of (hearts).

message 7: by Mama X (new)

Mama X You know, it would help if I actually read the pitch instead of scanning it. LOL I plan to read Anna Karenina too. You can shun me now. *shame* *shame* LOL

message 8: by Mia (new) - added it

Mia Portman So I was going to read this book anyway because ace things but this is like maybe the most enjoyable book review I've ever read just saying.

C.G. Drews @Mia: Thank you. 😂😂 And I hope you like the story! It's so worth the read!

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