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Rose by Marata Eros
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Mar 03, 2016

it was amazing
Read on March 20, 2016

Where destiny takes, it gives back. 10 GOLD KNOTS

What do you get when you take a hard-core ex-Seal biker named Noose who is the epitome of a one percenter, hell he IS THE One Percenter, who after one glance is so taken by the hot banker girl named Rose - who is definitely in the 99% side of things – well you get this NOOSETACULAR story that held me from the cover of the first part until well after I had finished reading this last part!!! I had myself in knots trying to figure out which direction to go in for this review. Do I focus on the happy side? Do I emphasize the raw, gritty, harsh sides... again? Or should I - CAN I - do a combination of the two? Yes the same tense, intense, no holds barred aspect is still there, but it seems different. Maybe because I know that there is a HEA at the end of this Rainbow Rose. Maybe because the story becomes that much more amped up, more deeper and with feelings actually being a part of this. Maybe because I have gotten used to the language, the biker way of life. Or maybe it's because just like Rose, I have realized that there is so much more to live for, to gain by it all, and because I too, was also snugly roped in by Noose! I was wound so tight throughout this whole story, but this last part… it pulled feelings out of me that I didn’t even know I had! I lost count just how many times I cried, not just cried, but gut-wrenchingly bawled! Of course, there was a helluva lot more going on than just tears – happy & sad, I might add - but I can’t go into those without spoilers slipping the noose, you know what I mean? wink I think the very fact that I wanted to, couldn't wait, to read this series, a book so outside of my favored/preferred genre & comfort zone, speaks volumes about Marata!! She is so phenomenally talented with an obvious gift to create these ROSETASTIC stories that suck me in so deep, that touch me soul deep, that have me living the story with the characters and leave me wanting for nothing! Well except for a vampire or two. wink

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