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Goliath by Scott Westerfeld
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Mar 26, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: adventure, different-povs, favorites, historical-fiction, humor, paranormal-creatures, romance, star-crossed-lovers, steampunk, suspense, survival
Recommended for: steampunk admirers and fans of Mr. Westerfeld works
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The time has come for the final Title in the story of prince Aleksander of Hohenberg, young hair for the throne of Austria-Hungary engulfed in the flames of the World War I and a tomboy Midshipman Deryn Sharp disguised as an concocted cousin of hers Mr Dylan Sharp and serving aboard the most tremendous and fascinating ship of the British Air Service at the dawn of XX century.

“If he’s telling the truth, he could end the war with the flick of a switch.”

After giving the proper “push” to the revolution in the Ottoman Empire, the protagonists are crossing vast and barren plains of Siberia on their way to Japan. However, soon they ran into (or better say – fly into) one mad scientist, who, as soon he’s aboard the Leviathan, claims he has the right weapon to put an end to the bloodshed of WW I. Is he really such a genius or is this all just a well-engineered fraud? Alek and Deryn shall both find answers to this life-and-death issue.
And surely, it’s not only the peace at stake, but Alek’s destiny - the heritage that he should embrace after the war is over.

“Surrender,… Mr Sharp!”

Moreover, a reader will finally get a chance to know how and who uncovers the veil around Deryn’s disguise and the consequences it entails for both Alek and the rest of the crew. And apart from that, the tangle of Deryn’s feelings is also a matter to be attended to because in the setting of the world dating back some 100 years a prince and a commoner were not supposed to be together after all.

“And yet secrets can be so difficult to keep sometimes. Don’t you think?”

To stop right here and steer clear from any additional revelations, I only conclude that Goliath has proved to be one of the most unpredictable books I’ve ever read.
The author has gambled a bit with historical facts and hypotheses enveloped in mystery, provided a good sci fi peek into long unsolved phenomena and offered some new perspective to the alternative World History.
It has been also challenge parting with exquisitely designed steampunk epoch with its valorous protagonists, fabricated beasties and prominent boffins but all good things eventually come to an end. It’s the quality of the end that matters: whether it overwhelms the reader with a nostalgic bittersweet happiness and hopeful uplifted spirits or trails a fowl taste of underhanded finale. As for me, I absolutely loved the end of Leviathan trilogy.

Mr. Westerfeld – you rock! And I hope there are plots and ideas of new enthralling stories already brewing inside the great mind of yours!
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Artemis Love your review!!! And the book too~

I wonder what Alek and Deryn will do... :)

Alex Artemis wrote: "Love your review!!! And the book too~

I wonder what Alek and Deryn will do... :)"

Thank you so much, Artemis! I'm very glad that you share my feelings about this wonderful book:)

P.S.: I wish that Mr. Westerfeld had enlightened us more on their future. It looks quite intriguing as it is:)

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