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Stolen by Kelley Armstrong
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Mar 25, 2011

really liked it

First line: "He hated the forest."

Summary: Further adventures of Elena the werewolf, where she finds out other supercritters exist when they start being captured by baddies for experimentation.

A lot of times, the next installment in a series starts with the characters having reverted to the beginning of the series, where they've forgotten all the lessons learned from the last book/episode/movie/etc. This did not do that, which I liked. The first book had a bunch of character growth for Elena, and this book picked up from there. Wiser without making her so well-adjusted as to be uninteresting.

The scenes in the research facility were rather good. Got dire. Wasn't sure how it would resolve.

I did have a peeve where I figured out a plot reveal long before the characters did, which is always a bit annoying. Though they handled it ok, in that the person under the stupid ray was not the brightest of bulbs, and it got sorted as soon as the info got back to one of the more clever characters. But really, they should have figured it out sooner.

It ends with a clear set up for the next book, which switches protagonists. Much as I like Elena, I think the new person will be interesting as well. I shall continue with the series.

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