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Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck
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Mar 25, 2011

it was amazing
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Wow. Tiger's Quest was riveting! This book was so well written that it could be picked up and read as a first, and the series could still be followed! So many parts in it touched my heart, and I found myself actually feeling Kelsey's struggles as she went through it.

In particular, when Kelsey dreams of Ren, and he calls her "wife of my heart," I had to put the book down and cry...the love expressed there is what every girl dreams of!

A few questions that will eat me alive until I can get my hands on the next book in the series:

1. What did Ren have to offer in order for Durga to give her protection? (I suspect that it was all of his memories with Kelsey, but I am unsure why...unless it's to give him a chance to fall in love again, and prove his feelings. Right now I'm a little angsty over his interest in Nilima!)
2. What did Kishan dream about the second night in the grove of dreams? Kelsey didn't give him a chance to explain his argument with Ren, and I'm ANXIOUS to know what it was!
3. How on earth is this love triangle going to be resolved with happy endings for all, because I love all the characters and want them all to be happy!

Looking fondly forward to the next in this series!

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Jessica I agree with #1! That's exactly what I'm thinking! :)

message 2: by Cait (last edited May 07, 2011 07:38AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cait I knowww with number one! I'm pretty sure he did it for two reasons
1) if he gives up all memories of the one person he holds dear then Durga will save his life (since I believe those waking dreams Kelsey has are real so I do believe he was stabbed my Lokesh and Ren said "do it now" to Durga right before
2) to protect Kelsey because Lokesh wanted info about her so if he forgot he would have nothing to give him because he wouldn't remember.
I also do think that either he gets his memory back after a set period or Durga tells Kelsey to do something next time they meet. And I'm pretty sure that Ren keeps falling in love with Nilima and so Kelsey gives up and falls in love with Kishan so when he does get his memory back he freaks out like in Kelsey's dream she had in Curse. You guys should read the Tiger's Voyage synopsis if you haven't already!

Lindsey Where do I find the Voyage synopsis?? I'm dying to know something...ANYTHING!

Cait Just type in Tiger's voyage and it should pop up. There are two synopsi (?) on there and I literally drool! :D I already know that he DOES get his memories back from the synopsis and Ren and Kishan fight for her love! And they fight dragons! Look at both of the synopsi there's the one from her first release and the one that was her second release that's coming out and both of them have different bits of info! :D

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