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The Pale King by David Foster Wallace
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Mar 24, 2011

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The Goodreads gods are jerks.


Dear Goodreads gods,

If I win the First Reads giveaway for this book, my entire life will have meaning. Every book I've ever read, and every review I've ever written, will have led me to this crowning moment. I've even created a new shelf just for The Pale King: to-read-immediately. I promise to neglect every other aspect of my life, including my dog and my boyfriend and my work, to read this when it comes.

Sincerely yours,
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Hannah Garden YES ME TOO

switterbug (Betsey) My pre-order is on its way from Amazon. I just couldn't let the forces decide my fate. :--) When it gets here, my life will also have meaning and poignancy.

message 3: by Oriana (new) - added it

Oriana Nice, Betsey! I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait.

message 4: by Don (new)

Don I like so many people pretending this isn't the most important book of the year that they're waiting anxiously for (or even worse, the DFW fans complaining about it or whatever). I mean, I'm going to stop doing whatever I'm doing and start reading this the moment I get it. Isn't that what we're all going to do?

Good luck with the giveaway!

message 5: by switterbug (Betsey) (last edited Apr 01, 2011 08:37AM) (new)

switterbug (Betsey) My book gets here Monday. My husband and teenage daughter will be on hold while I read this. The laundry, dishes, even washing my hair may get neglected.

I am avoiding the reviews for now.

BTW, do y'all know the website The Howling Fantods? Been a proud member for 7 years. It is the best DFW website (now would be called a blog).


message 6: by David (new)

David Katzman i'm onna vote for this review in the hopes they will see how pop-u-lar you are even before you write a review so they'll pick you.

message 7: by Oriana (new) - added it

Oriana Aww, thanks for the support you guys!

Betsey, I have heard of the site, but I admit I've not been to it. I'll check it out!

message 8: by Magdelanye (new)

Magdelanye you definately deserve to get this

Jonfaith Yes, under such circumstances, jerks appears about right. Damn, I didn't win either.

Jonfaith And yet the flux and flow of the internet led me to a nehgboring county's public library where I was able to check out the tome which is resting and awaiting disclosure.

Scott Am I missing something? This book is available for sale and at most libraries. Why is a complaint about losing a contest part of the reviews? I am not trying to be rude it's just that everyone who checks in to see the latest reviews has to page down past the huge picture of someone crying and a complaint about a contest that most people aren't even aware of or care about.

message 12: by Oriana (new) - added it

Oriana Sure Scott, I understand your confusion/critique. But it's my review, after all. You don't have to read it or care about it.

Scott That's true. Did you find a copy and read the book after all? I finished reading it and will send you my copy if you promise to take care of it and send it back when you are done.

message 14: by Oriana (new) - added it

Oriana That is really sweet of you, but the thing is I'm a little weird and refuse to read hardcover books. That's actually a big part of why I wanted to win the contest -- so I could have a (paperback) proof copy. It's my own craziness, and there's no reason you should care, but at this point I'm going to wait until the book comes out in soft cover. A very pointless rebellion, I know, but there you are.

message 15: by Jimmy (last edited May 16, 2011 10:02AM) (new)

Jimmy Just rip off the covers. You've been known to do worse to books, right? ;) I seem to remember something about dividing a book into 3 volumes for easier carrying... was that you?

message 16: by Oriana (new) - added it

Oriana Haha yup, that's true. I did that with Infinite Jest and Bone. I hadn't actually thought of doing it to a hardcover, but you may be on to something...

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