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Farewell, Dawn by Ann M. Martin
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Mar 24, 2011

did not like it
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the only good thing about this book is that dawn leaves. it's just too bad she didn't take mary anne with her.

dawn's claifornia best friend, sunny, calls & tells dawn & that her mom has been diagnosed with lung cancer. things don't look so great. dawn is horrified & decides she wants to move back to california--permanently. partly to support sunny, but also because she realizes that california is her home & she misses it too much. she misses the beach, the weather, her dad, jeff, etc etc. she talks to her parents about it & they agree that she can make the switch. dawn realizes that she needs to let kristy know ASAP so kristy can decide how to proceed in finding a replacement, so she calls kristy & breaks the news, but asks her to keep it under her hat until she can tell mary anne herself.

the next night, dawn & mary anne arrange a special sisters pizza-&-movie night. dawn thinks it will be a good opportunity to tell mary anne about her decision, but before they even have a chance to start cooking, logan calls to see how mary anne is handling the news that dawn is moving back to california. apparently kristy couldn't keep the news to herself, so she told claudia, who told stacey, who told robert, who told logan, who told mary anne. mary anne is PISSED that everyone in town knew about dawn's decision before she did. they have a big fight in which mary anne acts like a total asshole & dawn is surprisingly lukewarm about coming to her own defense. she's all thinking to herself, "i should have told her." yeah, & she was going to! like within the hour! maybe it would have been smart to keep the news on the down-low until after she'd told mary anne, but it was a pretty responsible gesture to tell kristy first. even though it's not like kristy can start looking for a replacement without discussing the news with the rest of the club. which includes mary anne.

anyway, the entire book is just one big annoying fight between dawn & mary anne. dawn convinces herself that mary anne is planning some special goodbye gesture, but mary anne isn't. mary anne just acts like a jerk for 140 pages & finally cries the night before dawn gets on the plane to move back to palo city.they hug it out, problem solved. BORRRRING!

the B-plot is also really lame. james hobart breaks his leg while playing football with some of the pike kids. he's bummed about having a broken leg in the summertime. so the babysitters concoct a scheme to cheer him up: xmas in july. i hate xmas, so this would not cheer me up at all. they recruit a bunch of their charges to make xmas cards & decorations & buy little gifts & wrap everything & cut pine boughs & all this random xmas-y crap, & then they descend upon the hobarts' house singing carols. they succeed in cheering james up. he goes so far as to say that for a minute, he thought he was enjoying real xmas back home. everyone is like, "durrr, what?" until mrs. hobart explains that xmas is in the summertime in australia because australia is in the southern hemisphere.

farewell, dawn! don't less the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
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