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Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson
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Mar 23, 2011

really liked it
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I'm a fan of literature from the 60's and 70's, it was a time before computers and modern consumerism. But it was just on the cusp. With the addition of drugs, crazy freak-your-brain mind expansion drugs life on the edge was all that much better. It was during this edge time, a point when something changes from a solid to a liquid, tremendous energy was released, that energy: the freewheeling barbarians - THE HELLS ANGELS. In a way I envy their every move. Their complete freedom and disregard, the unabashed violence, and way they freaked out the norms. "Blew there minds." It was a time when the police and consequence wasn't as defined and good and evil wasn't blurred. They just didn't know. And what they did know, they didn't care to remember. (Too much pain I guess) So they rode. They were free.

I've spent a good many years "Freaking out the norms." All to often I've taken my shirt off in public, danced so hard I cleared a dance floor, or wrestled another dude in only a pair of briefs knocking over lamps and tables - just to cause a scene. I even wore a denim vest for a while like the anti-heros in Hell's Angel's. My emblem was different, but it smelled just as bad, covered in blood, chew spit, and having been put under a police car tire, only to have a burnout done it. Burnt Rubber. So I felt a certain kinship with them as I read. Yet, this freedom that so many idealize isn't without it's consequence. For, a freedom like this is made because all value of everything else is lost. They had no understanding of how to navigate the terrain of the current world. In another time, maybe. But that time...this time...myself, and the angels, were forced to the outskirts of society, like any number of broken and helpless people. The world is not long for these truly free. But they are only free because the world will not let them in. As for those free...hardly free, they are simply slaves to there own misunderstanding and ignorance.

Don't confuse wondering with freedom.

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