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Mirrors of Fate by Cindi Lee
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Mar 23, 2011

liked it

Maria is an 18-year-old girl from White Crest City in Kentucky. She was adopted by an Indian family when she was 6. When Maria was 14 her father told her that when she turn 20 he was going to pick the man she will marry. Maria can’t date any guy she likes because her father won’t accept it but, when the new guy Alan starts showing interest in Maria she finds herself liking him back. What Maria doesn’t know is that Alan is not who he says he is and he’s back for revenge.

This book was hard to get into but after page 30 it moved a little faster. The author created good regular characters but some of the words were complicated and it made it hard to read. I didn’t like that Maria didn’t have any support from nobody and everybody kind of use her through the book. I liked most of the characters but, I liked Alan the most. I kind of understand why he behave the way he did.


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