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Passionate Promises by Victoria Vane
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it was amazing

This was one of the best anthologies I've had the privilege to read...all of the stories are A++++!
To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood by Bronwen Evans
A hero’s (Henry) race to wed because needs must, a heroine’s (Amy) father forcing her to wed his choice of groom, a worship from afar by Amy for Henry, a scavenger hunt of sorts and misconceptions abound in this cute tale of a rather unusual courtship by Henry for Amy, who will marry only for love. A delicious romance!
A Promise of Love by Ella Quinn
A heroine (Jenny) is sent by her father to England to find a husband because she hadn’t found one she wanted to wed in America. She wants to marry for love and not for the groom’s love of her inheritance. The hero (Frank) is a second son dutifully bound to his father’s estate. Frank’s brother (the heir) and his wife decide that Frank is due for a holiday and invite him to London…scheming on the side for Frank to find a wife. The brothers’ father is a controlling despot who wants strict obedience from his children, even if it makes them unhappy. A complicated tale of finding true love and escaping from the clutches of a demon of a father and the heroine’s attempts to convince Frank she doesn’t care if he is a second son. A lively romance!
A Kiss for Miss Kingsley by Collette Cameron
This short Regency novella is perfect for the busy reader who wants to read something from start to finish in a short amount of time. And…it has all the required elements for a completely wonderful historical romance: a heroine (Olivia) who feels she must honor her father’s wishes, a hero (Allen) who wants her to honor HIS wishes rather than her father’s, a long separation due to their differences, and a reunification that provides for their happy ever after! A truly sigh-worthy romance.
Stirring Passions by Maggi Andersen
The hero (Jason) and the heroine (Kate) meet accidentally when Kate passes onto his land during a walk. Kate, who is preparing to go to London for her first season, likes what she sees in Jason but knows she must go through a season due to societal and familial pressures. But Kate is soon bored with London and when she accidentally overhears a treasonous plot she hies herself off for home to warn Jason. Despite everyone, including Jason, warning her to “stay out of it,” she continues to be an amateur sleuth and gets herself kidnapped in the process. But all comes right in the end and she and Jason DO get their happy ever after.
A Pledge of Passion by Victoria Vane
The heroine (Moriah) is an aristocratic heiress who must marry but wants to marry for love, not her fortune. The hero (non-aristocrat Nicholas) is sent by his employer in France, someone who desires Moriah for her fortune, to arrange for that marriage. But Moriah and Nicholas have a heartbreaking past and they must overcome the past’s stumbling blocks to pave the way to their own happy ever after…which is done admirably by Ms. Vane.
A Highwayman’s Honor by Michelle McLean
The hero (John) is involved in exacting retribution from certain coaches hiding the secret riches of wealthy aristocrats by being a highwayman while keeping it a secret as he also is a Lord who is a friend of the King and goes to court regularly. His secret double life is discovered by the heroine and thus begins a complicated and wonderful romance between the two. I was flicking the pages of this exciting romance very fast and stayed up much later than I usually do so I could finish it.
Lord Quickthorn’s Bargain by Barbara Monajem
Gwen has a bit of fairy magic in her and Rex is a temporary custodian of the fairy well where villagers go for boons and spells. Gwen goes to the well to request a boon to help her sister re-establish her relationship with her betrothed who hadn’t shown passion to her and thus she believes he doesn’t love her. However, the magical boon also establishes a passion between Rex and Gwen. The complicated plot and antics of the primary and secondary characters in this romp of a romance were handled well by this author all the way to the happy ever after for all parties.
Wanted By the Warrior by Violetta Rand
This short novella is only the first of two parts to this medieval romance. Sophia is a daughter of the king of the southlands and Victor is the son of a king of the mystic northlands and the southland and northland folk are enemies. When Victor saves Sophia from being accosted by ruffians as she slips out of the southlands for an “adventure” before being wed to a person of her father’s choosing, they are immediately drawn to each other as never before and thus begins the romantic tale of their secret and dangerous courtship. The author weaves the tale in such a way as to make a reader determined to get the second half of the story as soon as possible!
Never Tempt a Rogue by Christy Carlyle
An untitled chaperone (Felicity) is with her young cousin at a house party in the country. She is convinced she is “on the shelf” permanently due to a romance that went badly years ago when her swain became an heir and decided to marry a titled lady instead of her. Lord Lindsay has just come into his inheritance because of his brother’s death and is now expected to cease his roguish ways, marry “well” and settle down on his estate. But when the two meet at the house party the sparks fly and there is no stopping the attraction despite conniving relatives. This was a lovely romance!
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