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Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
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Mar 22, 2011

really liked it
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Read from May 21 to 23, 2011

From the moment I opened the cover, I fell in love with this book. The characters, the writing, the gruesome reality of hopelessness, and then....the possible, the faint glimmer playing in the shadows, of hope.

So you are probably wondering why not 5 stars right? Well it's the ending. Not that there is anything wrong with the ending, but I was expecting something MORE, something NEW, something I haven't already seen done at the end of a zombie novel, and yet....I still loved this book.

The world has been overrun by zombies. No one knows why the dead stopped being dead. What caused all this. Was it a virus? Was it some sort of government experiment gone wrong? All we do know is that one day the dead stopped making it to their graves, the world became a hunting ground, and living in these Last Days isn't really living at all....not for the the living...not for the dead. The zombies have no memories of their own. No clue who they are, what happened to them, what their names are, but they find comfort in the memories of the brains they devour. Getting little flashes and tidbits of the persons life they just ended.

R, that's all he knows of his name, is locked inside his head. Able to climb verbal skyscrapers in a single bound inside his head, but unable to bring them past his rigormortis stricken lips. He feels trapped, lost, spending time wondering if he is different than the others. He seems different. Do they too have the thoughts I have? Or are they as void on the inside as they appear on the outside? But things start changing when his hunting party goes out, and R feeds on the brains of a boy named Perry. Then he sees her...


And everything changes. R feels something more than the hunger. He NEEDS to keep her safe from this world. He NEEDS to protect her from the rest of his hunting buddies. Taking her back with him to hide out in his "house jet" it isn't long before even weirder things begin to happen. Is that love he is feeling? How can that be possible considering his heart is dead?

The journey that Julie and R take together is both amazing and heart breaking. I loved them both almost instantly. R....oh my poor R. Honey I will love you zombie or not. Seriously I just want to hug him, squeeze him, and tell him everything is going to be okay.

Things R said that broke my heart
I go around to the front of the house and stand at the door, waiting nervously in my dress shirt and tie. She opens it, grinning shyly. Prom night at the end of the world.

I don't want to hear music, I don't want the sunrise to be pink. The world is a liar. It's ugliness is overwhelming; the scraps of beauty make it worse.

and then my personal favorite...
Not easy Mr.Lennon. Even if you try.

And that's just a taste of what you'll find inside these pages. Do yourself a favor and open this one up. The writing is perfection. Written with poetic, albeit sometimes morbid, precision. Both Julie and R will grab your heart:))

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23.0% ""it's not like I'm such a shiny happy person either, ya know? I'm a wreck to, I'm just...still alive. A wreck in progress. " Perfection!"
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65.0% ""I don't want to hear music, I don't want the sunrise to be pink. The world is a liar. It's ugliness is overwhelming; the scraps of beauty make it worse. ""
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79.0% ""Not east Mr.Lennon. Even if you try." Pricless"
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90.0% ""Climb into my mouth, it teases. Come on, kids, don't mind the teeth." Poetic, morbidly comical precision!"
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