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Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells
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Mar 22, 2011

it was amazing
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Finally got a chance to read this after winning it in a giveaway from my good friend Kristin at MyBookishWays and I couldn't wait to start it. Man I am happy I did. After hearing about this book from so many booklovers and authors, I knew I had to jump on board. I think it is safe to say that this is my new favorite series.

Red-Headed Stepchild is about a woman named Sabina Kane. Sabina is half vampire, half mage, but she prefers her vampire side. Sabina is an assassin for the Dominae, a vampire council that overseas everything concerning vampires and their legal (or illegal) affairs. It is also a council that is run by Sabina's grandmother, Lavina Kane. After Sabina is sent to assassinate to a friend who was said to betray the vampire race, Sabina finds that things are not so simple when her mixed blood and grandmother are involved.

But given that Sabina is an assassin, she is one kick-ass vampire with a mouth. Seriously, she cracked me up sometimes with the things says. She reminded me of old Anita Blake; mouths off, shoots you, then asks questions. So after said assassination, Sabina is called by her grandmother to help infiltrate an enemy to the Dominae known as Clovis, a vampire who believes vampires and mages should co-exist and not head into war. Sabina is the only woman right for the job and the Dominae don't believe mages and vampires should mix and they want Clovis brought down (keep in mind the irony).

This was such an incredible book for me. Sabina is easily on my favorite heroines list. She is a smart ass and she is ruthless. I love that through the characters she meets throughout the book, we find she is not as heartless as we thought, well I thought. She goes from being a loner to making some very interesting friends. For instance, Adam (oh delicious Adam!) I definitely wished we had more of Adam, the sexy mage who is following her and knows more about Sabina than she does. I also enjoyed Giguhl, a demon sent to kill Sabina, but can't. Since he failed, he is stick with her which in turn means he must travel with Sabina. This is what makes Giguhl turn into wrinkled, hairless cat (long story). He is given the nickname of Mr. Giggles. He really brings a smile to your face and for a demon, he is really likable. Also Vinca, the super-perky, flower-power nymph who becomes Sabina's roommate and who is not as innocent as she looks, well sort of.

Another thing I heard about this book was the mythology. I have read plenty of vampire books and this was definitely one of the most unique. It has a different take on vampires. Vampires can eat garlic, they don't dress up like goths, they can go out into the sun on occasion and they do have rules.

I don't want to give so much away because this book definitely has some twists and turns you don't see coming. It is full of action, witty and sarcastic dialogue, and can be gritty and dark at one moment and light and funny the other. I really can't think of anything bad about this book. It was just amazing and I plan on jumping on The Mage In Black (book 2) as soon as possible. Seriously, if Urban Fantasy is your thing, do not miss this book.

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If it ain't good I don't read it ! Okey u all can't ovesliy read ???
This book is not only stupid it's also dumb the author can't write for shit did u all not see the story line it was AWSAME the book was great I loved it :)
Looool haaha I like doing a twist to my comments lol but anyways this book is still great I love that she can fight and can kick anyone's ass any day couse i dont like the chicks that just sit around waiting for fuckin prince charming to save there weak asses like come on are u serious bitch get up and fight !!! . Thnk god she wasnt that kind of character cause if she was I'd be ripping my eye sockets out right now that and she had a twiin sister I got to say I didn't in a million years see that coming I thought here dad was a very powerful Mage or something but a twin ??? !!! Yup total awsamness.
Also I am sorta sad that her romeeee died i was starting to like her .... Who I'm I kidding I loved her she was hilarious but the person I fell in love with from the beginning is the deman repufhul I think was he's name ?? I dont remember but I love that deman he is so freaken funny I died from the moment he said sorry after he shot her that was priceless and when he sat around on her couch ordering stuff off t.v killer i swear he was freakin funny anyway what I'm trying to say is I lovvvve thisss book but I can't seem to find any books like this so (drum rolls plz ) if u happen to now any book LIKE ThIS (key words) let me know and not books where the chick sits around for some shitty ass princes to swip her off her feet couse i swear if i read any more of those book Imma sue I seriously don't get why people read those kind of books like whats the point she can't fight for shit , no action in the book , same story line over and over again ( bitch gets herself into trouble prince charming over here who is by the way fuckin 300 400 years older then her Save her sorry mother fuckin ass and they live happily ever after like dude chill pedo alert age difference what the fuck where u thinking surly 400 year of living would have given u common sense ?? Oh but who could blame him cause that's not all bitch over her nows the age difference but is MADLY in love ( u hoe ) and I thought the dude had issues nope oh wait that's not all then they fuck them selfs sense less then they come to the conclusion they need to get married blah bah then they live happily for a while after then some shit a excuse of a villain pops up and the dude fights him but miss hoe over her want to help .... gets caught by villain ( climax of the story ) prince charming saves her the fucken stupid ending . So if u read books like that save your selfs time couse This is exactly what the fuck happens in shitty books like this !! you only live once that you must now so go find something worth reading couse books like that are just stupid.

Okey u probably get the point so yeah ....

Oh and if u know any books that the main character is not a detactive beacouse that shit just piss me of those detactive walking around waving fuckin badges in ur face like what the fuck get that shitt outta me face bitch detactive my ass like u serious ??? Imma bout to serve ur head on a platter ! Mather fucker lets see u wave that shit it my face again I'm gonna call your boss and tell him you took a PERMANENT vacation to plattervania v
Lol plz feel free to rate\ add as a friend like who wouldnt lol ) oh and plz sent me a meggage if u have a book that has anything I just described in it thnx pce

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