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** spoiler alert **


Note: I wrote a recap & watch-me-rant part for every of the 3 parts below.

1. Prologue - Chapter 6
2. Chapter 7 - 22
3. Chapter 23 - 34

Prologue - Chapter 6


I expected something way worse. The writing was bad, but it wasn't as boring as I thought and I wanted to rant too much to instantly throw the book away.

Nora's lost all her memories and has been missing for 11 weeks. The initial situation when she wakes up/Recap:

She's been kidnapped, her biological father's the kidnapper, also currently dating her mother and forcing Patch to do his dirty work/be a spy. He took Patch's wings (they bargained), made Nora forget everything and got a divorce. Hank's also the former body-host of Rixon and Marcie's dad.

Aaand this is when Nora's waking up without any memories left. She can't remember what happened to her, who Patch and what the supernatural stuff is. She thinks it's April when in reality it's September. AND her abduction happened in June. Although most people forgot Rixon, it seems they all remember Patch.. and don't tell her anything about him.

--> Watch me rant:

They say Nora has PTSD and her doctor said that she could hear stuff that others don't hear. Which, obviously, would mean that her subconsciousness'd try to tell her what happened with shizophrenic episodes.

Now, my problem with that isn't that they all presume she has PTSD, my problem is how she's dealing with it and that there's no one who says something intelligent, sympathetic etc. about it. The whole situation should've been portrayed differently. This way it's just frustrating and makes the actual disorder look horrible/the people who have it insane.

Fitzpatrick - Next to 90 years of womens rights movement, we could actually just start treating people who suffer from clinical depressions with electroshocktherapy from the beginning on.

Next point. Her mother. God, is that woman stupid. There is one scene I could talk about endlessly, because.. well, it's just very stupid. But first this:

“He said I might hallucinate?” (..)
I felt the sting of tears, but I refused to cry. Why me? Of all the billions of people out there, why me? Who did this to me? My mind was spinning in circles, trying to point a finger at someone, but I didn’t have a face, a voice. I didn’t have one shred of an idea.

Well, Nora. Yes. Why you? First of all, there is no reason. Bad things happen to good people, good things might happen to good people, too. Whatever. So stop asking, because fate's a bitch and she doesn't care about you at all. Probably because you think being a bitch is something bad, but whatever, right? Right. So, let's pretend that there are reasons. Let's pretend somewhere out there fate's sitting on her bed with a list in her hand, deciding who gets to get kidnapped.

Now, I don't think your personality does justify something as bad as kidnapping, but you are a very annoying, naive, stupid girl. You make me angry and the fact that you'll get your happy ending makes me even more angry, because you're a book-character and fate, in your case, has a name. Becca Fitzpatrick. And I wonder why she thinks that a person such as yourself, being annoying and all, could ever attract an angel and why she'd tell her readers that being in love with your almost-murderer isn't so bad after all. Remember this video? Now, obviously he didn't beat you up, but what's this shit? Yes.

Then, the next Noras mother-situation and one thing where I can actually understand both of them- Mother of Nora's dating Hank Miller. Nora doesn't like that one bit. Mother's trying to explain that Hank is not Marcie, that he was there for her and that she does feel enough guilt already for going on with life.

And damn, she is right. But, Hank is the bad guy. So, what does this tell the reader? Bwa, does that make me sick, seriously. Why can't Nora's mother date another guy, someone Nora doesn't like at all and then is proven wrong? Nope. She has to date someone Nora doesn't like and is actually right about. Awesome. -_-'

Oh and, wtf is wrong with her mom, not getting that Nora's just come back. Everyone continued life in some way and she's back, thrown into the whole thing, not remembering.. And she also has to deal with her mom dating a guy she doesn't even like and is told to be sympathetic? Um, NO.

Mother of Nora, you obviously are one sick fuck. You don't want your daughter to go to school, because that's too much? Wrong. Most people do need everyday-life. But you don't know that and it's okay, because most people don't and you're right about it this time, because Nora really can't handle it. She just jumps right back into school, she could be a sleeper for all we know and kill all her classmates as soon as the TETRIS theme's playing, but well, who cares, right? But anyways, so you think she shouldn't deal with that, but you want her to deal with your lovelife? Yeaah..

But you know, the funny thing is that Marcie's there for her mother after the divorce. Isn't it weird? I mean, isn't she such a bitch? And what she says about Nora and the things that happened to her? Fitzpatrick tries so hard to make her this evil bitch, when the truth is that Marcie's the only one in the book I could particularly like.

“We should order pizza and watch movies tonight,” one of them said.
“No can do, girls. It’s just me and Susanna tonight.” I recognized the voice as belonging to Marcie Millar. She was in the middle of the lineup, tidying her strawberry blond side ponytail, pinning it in place with a pink plastic flower.
“You’re ditching us for your mom? Um, ouch?”
“Um, yes. Deal with it,” Marcie said.

YAY GIRL! Seriously. Of course this was too nice and also just a little prelude to talk about her mother, the divorce and Nora. Marcie doesn't know her father and Nora's mom are dating. Neither does she know that she and Nora are siblings (Nora forgot, too) So, here goes the rest:

(..) “Don’t even start,” Marcie said, but the smile in her voice clearly stated she was flattered by their disappointment. “My mom needs me. Girls’ night out.”
“Is she … you know … depressed?” the girl I believed to be Addyson asked.
“Seriously?” Marcie laughed. “She got to keep the house. She’s still a member of the yacht club. Plus she made my dad buy her a Lexus SC10. It’s sooo cute! And I swear half the single guys in town have already called or stopped by.” Marcie ticked each item off on her fingers so fluidly it made me think she’d been rehearsing this speech.
“She’s so beautiful.” Cassie sighed.
“Exactly. Whoever my dad hooks up with will be a major downgrade.”
“Is he seeing anybody?”
“Not yet. My mom has friends all over. Somebody would have seen something. So,” she transitioned with a gossipy voice, “did you guys see the news? About Nora Grey?”
My knees went a little soft at the mention of my name, and I flattened a hand to the wall for support.
“They found her in the cemetery, and they’re saying she can’t remember anything,” Marcie went on. “I guess she’s so messed up she even ran from the police. She thought they were trying to hurther.”
“My mom said she was probably brainwashed by her kidnapper,” Cassie said. “Like some skeezy guy could have made her think they were married.”
“Ew!” they all said in unison.
“Whatever happened, she’s damaged goods now,” Marcie said. “Even if she says she can’t remember anything, she knows what happened subconsciously. She’s going to be dragging around that baggage for the rest of her life. She might as well wrap herself in yellow tape that says, ‘Stay out and do not cross.’”
They giggled. Then Marcie said, “Back to class, girlies. I’m clean out of late passes. The secretaries keep locking them in their drawers. Whores.”

Yes. Rude. But at least, she's honest. And she isn't so wrong either. Well, Nora isn't damaged goods now, if she is damaged goods then imo she's always been. Whatever happened to her can either destroy her or make her stronger, so.. no. Being kidnapped, raped or whatever doesn't make you damaged goods, but it does change you, even or maybe especially when you can't remember what's actually happened. And Marcie is damn right about that one.

Some other things that have the potential to make me rant:

1. Why did she get out of her bed when she's told not to?
2. Why does Patch behave the way he did in the dream? - Almost okay, because he made her forget it later and kind of did it only for himself. Then again, why didn't he go further? Too wishy-washy, too easy, too lazy.
3. What's up with Vee?
4. Why is everything so bleh? (Writing style, eg. the lazy writer-things, such as the dream)

Chapter 7 - Chapter 22


Recap: She has dinner with her mom and Hank, where she also meets Marcie, who tells her that Patch's been her summer fling and a common friend (but not that he's also Nora's boyfriend/exboyfriend). She asks Nora to find some necklace.. More about that scene later. Nora gets almost sick when she sees their parents and gets out of the restaurant where she meets Patch for the first time in person. (Oh and before I forget to mention it- Her mother and Vee both remember him and both don't tell Nora about him for different reasons.) She doesn't remember him at first. Both times they meet she almost gets killed, the first time he introduces himself with a different name.
She then meets Scott, who tells her what Nephilim are, who he is, who she is, who Patch is (but he doesn't know that Patch and the guy from the night before are the same). He also reveals to her that Hank is the big Bad and shows off plus flirts a little. They try to get into one of Hanks warehouses, but fail and he then leaves town, because he fears that someone found out who he was. Nora then decides to get back to the warehouse, where she meets Patch again. The second time they meet he doesn't tell her who he is either at first, but later starts pushing and flirting with her, leading her to his home when they're being targeted by some of the Nephilim and there letting her touch his scars, which enables her to relive/visit some of his memories.

--> Watch me rant:

1. Almost every 2nd or 3rd sentence of Patch could start with 'Dear Reader'. For example:

“We can’t outrun them to the Tahoe, and even if we could, I’m not dragging you into a car chase with Nephilim. DEAR READER They’ll walk away from a rolled or totaled car, but you might not. Better to take our chances on foot and circle back to the car after they’ve given up. There’s a nightclub a block from here. Not the cleanest place, but we can hide there.” 

Think about how many trees would still live or how many other books could have been printed on the recycled paper if Fitzpatrick had cut those scenes, because this was one of the least stupid ones and there have been lots of them. But, to be honest, I can see that sometimes there's a need to explain certain things.. So, strike the tree-thing. Think about how many brain cells would still live or at least how much easier Silence'd be to read if she had written it differently.

2. You're not Edward, Patch. - I'm sorry to tell you, but you really aren't. And it's not working either, because we all know you don't feel physical sensations that way.

For example:

“Could you teach me?”
“If I taught you everything I know, we’d need a considerable amount of time alone together.”
Unsure if he was suggesting anything, I said, “I’m sure we could keep it … professional.”
“Speak for yourself,” he said in that same steady tone that made it hard to guess his intentions.

This is one of the okay-sentences, but there have been some.. Urgh. :-! Seriously, I get that if you love someone you like to please them even if you get nothing back and I'm sure it's nice and all. But this? She didn't even remember him back then and he pushed her into remembering or at least feeling something for him. Of course, in one of his other DEAR READER-speeches he explained that Hank promised to be out of Nora's life and he didn't, so Patch didn't feel the need to stay out of hers either and anyways, he's in love with her and all. Blahblah. My problem is that what he says doesn't match what he does. And most of the times what he says at first doesn't match what he says later, either.

So, it just felt like Fitzpatrick tried to create some romantic/hot scenes a la City of Ashes or Twilight and ended up with something that was as hot as Breaking Dawn, but not because there was nothing present, that could have been hot, but because it wasn't believable at all (and well, not hot.. BUT present)

Also, in a moment of utter brilliance, I read one of the Patch and Nora dialogues out loud. Hilarious. If you have the book, try it.

3. Plot and characters. They're just annoying. I pointed out some things before and I still feel that way. The best part yet was when Nora, her mom and Hank are at the restaurant and Marcie and her mother are there, too. It really is. The rest? Bullshit. I wouldn't even like Marcie that much in another book, but in Silence? -sigh-

Chapter 23 - Chapter 34

Recap: What was the last thing that happened? Ah right, Nora was at Patch's, he told her about Daria, another ex-angel and also ex-lover. She got home, Hank was waiting for her. Marcie declared Nora her charity case, asked her to buy a dress and that's it, I think.

Okay, so chapter 23 started with Scott coming back. He wore this weird ring again and he feels this compulsion to go to Hank, although he wouldn't admit it. He also wants to be her Prom date and she agrees. He later asks her to be at a concert, because he now is in a band.
When Nora and Marcie are dress-shopping someone steals Nora's bag, probably another try to get the necklace that Hank needs to make the Archangel spill the truth.
I'm not sure about the next events (which happens first), but when Nora's in school Hank's there and tells her that her mom had an accident. He compells her to go with him and they have an accident. Three Nephilim run them down the street, but Hank makes it look like they were fallen angels, trying to get back at him, when the truth was that he pumped his blood into Nora, because he wants her of all people to be his heir when he dies (two differenct sources told him his future..) She wakes up in the hospital, six hours later and doesn't remember anything but the accident. She can't meet her mom, either, and goes home with Hank, who stays at her home, too. Patch meets her in one of her dreams and she tells him what happened. He then meets her in person and they almost have sex, but then Hank appears in her room. Patch already disappeared, but Hank noticed it was him.

Nora is also at a party – the concert where Scott has his gig – and there comes across Daria. There she also sees one or more of the Nephilim who were involved in the car accident, Scott runs off, she meets Patch, then tells him to wait for her and gets to see Vee. She also mentiones Patch to Vee and they have this big fight. (More about that later) Patch picks her up, they go to his place, almost have sex, his ex appears and mentions Hank. She and Patch leave, Nora promises to stay hidden. Scott calls and needs help, she breaks her promise and helps him, the Nephilim get them, Hank makes a deal with her. She's full with his blood and has to become a full-blooded Nephilim, be the leader of his army or she and her mother both die. (More about that one later, too) She swears, gets out, finds Patch. He rescued the angel and made a deal with them, they want Hank dead and Nora to stop the war. (as the leader of the army) She faces Hank and tells him she won't kill him (which the angels want her and Patch to) but he then almost kills Patch and she's forced to.. They get back to Patch's where they could have had sex.. but of course don't do anything like that. -sigh-

She then meets Scott in front of her house with two Nephilim who tell her that she has to be the leader and that she can't just tell the Nephilim there won't be war, because there will be one and she has to face it and get as much Nephilim to listen to her as possible. And that's it.

--> Watch me rant:

1. Vee and her fight. It's a little like with her mom. I could get both of their sides. Vee lied to her and didn't want Nora to remember Patch. I'd be angry, too and I think Vee didn't have the right to decide. BUT I could get what she thought about him. I also highlighted my favorites in this conversation:

I strove for composure. Angry or not, I could be rational.“You lied, Vee. You looked me in the eye and lied. I’d believe it of my mom, but not you.” I pushed the door open. “How were you going to explain yourself when I got my memory back?” I demanded suddenly.
“I hoped you wouldn’t get it back.” Vee threw her hands in the air. “There. I said it. You were better off without it, if it meant not remembering that freak show. You don’t think straight when you’re around him. It’s like you see the one percent of him thatmight be good and miss the other ninety-nine percent of pure psychopathic evil!
My jaw fell open.
“Anything else?” I snapped.
“Nope. That sums up my feelings pretty adequately on the subject.”
I shot out of the car and slammed the door.
Vee rolled down her window and poked her head out. “When you come back to your senses, you have my number!” she called out.

2. He wants HER to be the leader? Lazy. Lazy explanation, lazy way to make sure there was a 4th novel and really, it didn't match his earlier behaviour, because although he didn't know back then that he might die, he did try to kill her. He later genuinely seemed to care a little about Nora, which is just blah. It also seems that many authors always use the sacrifice-card. 'Do that, or I'll kill your [friend/relative/pet]'

3. What's this shit about the evil boyfriends? No, no, I am not even talking about Patch. I mean.. first Vees boyfriends. But she's on boy detox this book, as she called it. Apparently Fitzpatrick read some of the less good reviews and noticed that it was annoying. Unfortunately she just switched the 'victim'. This time, Nora's mom got the evil guy. Well, wow. Big improvement. -sigh-

4. Why was she jealous? AGAIN? Boring and unbeliavable. Blah. Why does Patch even want her when she's constantly questioning him after he's proven her wrong again and again? (I understood her earlier, but now? Nope.) Of course, I never got why he wanted her in the first place..*

5. She's immortal now? Seriously? I can't even..

There are so many other things, I don't know.. This was just a very, very hilarious read and I'm excited to read all the other reviews. :)

* Added: This does not mean I like Patch. But he is, thank the heavens, not the narrator of this most wonderful tale, and if I started ranting about him, you could move the heavens and I'd continue to rant as I stared at your feat.
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Melanie *schauder*^^
4.44 <--- average rating!

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Crini ey! :D

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Melanie Muahaha :D
so langsam zweifel ich schon an mir selbst O.o
war jetzt schon ein paar mal kurz davor den 2.Teil zu lesen.

Patricia Hab ich gemacht. Ich les auch den dritten Teil. Irgendwer meinte, das Patch ein Vergewaltiger wäre - Und zwar in der Crescendo Rezi. Da hab ich ja nen Teil überflogen, aber .. stimmt das? Und kriegt der überhaupt.. naja. So dings? Ich dachte, der fühlt physisch nichts. oô

Und wie dumm ist Nora eigentlich?

Wenn mein Freund nichts vom Sex hätte, würd ich den ganz sicher nicht anspringen.. *kopfschüttel*

Patricia Oh und es soll auch noch einen VIERTEN Band geben. Das nimmt kein Ende!

Harry Potter? Zu Ende. Hush Hush? Vermutlich 234098 Bände. *auf Computer kotz*

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Melanie Ich hab keine Ahnung von was du eben geredet hast xDDD
Hab das wahrscheinlich schon alles verdrängt.^^

Ohja Nora is dumm (das weiß ich noch!!!!.

Weisst du wer noch so dumm ist, die von
DAS musst du mal lesen -.- da würd ich mich jetzt schon auf die Review freuen *böselach*

Patricia Melanie wrote: "Ich hab keine Ahnung von was du eben geredet hast xDDD
Hab das wahrscheinlich schon alles verdrängt.^^

Ohja Nora is dumm (das weiß ich noch!!!!.

Weisst du wer noch so dumm ist, die von

Patch ist irgendwie nicht in der Lage, physische Dinge zu fühlen. Er hat zwar Emotionen, aber wenn ich ihm in den Arsch trete, kriegt ers nicht mit. Wenn er und Nora sich küssen, ist das für ihn wohl auch eher unbefriedigend. Deswegen überlege ich, ob dieser Satz von der Rezensentin nur Unsinn war oder ernst gemeint. *grübel*

Jaaa, das hab ich hier auch. Muss ich echt mal lesen, aber da gibts schon so viele gute böse Rezensionen..

Ich wünsche, ich hätte einen Blog nur für böse Rezis. Das würde so viel Spaß machen.. XD

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Melanie Irgendwann werd ich Crescendo noch lesen!
Aber du hast mal gesagt, das es noch schlechter ist, gel? Mhe!

Ohjaaaaaaa Patricia!!! xD
GoGo mach mal noch einen extra Blog :P nur für die bösen Rezis!! Aufi!^^

Patricia Vielleicht mach ich das wirklich.. XD Hab ja genug Platz auf sysprovide. Aber so viele schlechte Bücher les ich gar nicht.. Außer eben, wenn ich mal so Monate hab, wo ich eine komplette Reihe durchlese, die ich total dumm finde XD Allein würde sich das also gar nicht lohnen. Mal sehen.

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Lara' Ich hab den ersten Teil gelesen... und der war eig ganz gut.. aber ich hab gehört, dass der 2.Teil nicht so gut ist. Stimmt das?

Patricia Lara' wrote: "Ich hab den ersten Teil gelesen... und der war eig ganz gut.. aber ich hab gehört, dass der 2.Teil nicht so gut ist. Stimmt das?"

Meiner Meinung nach, ja. Den ersten konnte ich noch verkraften, obwohl ich auch da schon.. Naja. Aber der zweite war zusätzlich zu den normalen Macken auch noch viel langweiliger.

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Lara' aso oke, danke (: ... haha dann lese ich was besseres :DD

Kelsi Calliari I love you rant! Its so true! Nora is sssoooo annoying and i loved how you delt with each chapter, nice!

Louise Lol, that review was hilarious, that cat describes the exact feeling I felt while reading it. But in comparison to Crescendo, this one was marginally better.

Patricia Kelsi Calliari wrote: "I love you rant! Its so true! Nora is sssoooo annoying and i loved how you delt with each chapter, nice!"

Thank you. Yes. Nora. God, she has to die! If there is a higher power in these books, make Nora die. And don't let her come back!

Louise wrote: "Lol, that review was hilarious, that cat describes the exact feeling I felt while reading it. But in comparison to Crescendo, this one was marginally better."

Thank you! : D Yes, lolcats for some reasons express feelings so much better than words. And yeeeeeeees, I thought so, too. Crescendo.. I skipped parts of the books, because it was so horrible. xD

Louise I'm guess I'm just like everyone else, I'm getting tired of the Mary Sue YA heroine, it's driving me mental

Leesa I only just finished this book, and your review was refreshing to find. I thought I would be in the minority with mine.

message 18: by Patricia (last edited Dec 27, 2011 09:24PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Patricia Louise wrote: "I'm guess I'm just like everyone else, I'm getting tired of the Mary Sue YA heroine, it's driving me mental"

Yeah, you're not alone with the mental part. I can still hear my brain crying out from back then when I read the second PC Cast novel..

Leesa wrote: "I only just finished this book, and your review was refreshing to find. I thought I would be in the minority with mine."

Really? I actually found several good negative reviews. :O Although, yes, in comparison to the fuckload of positive reviews..

Leesa I didn't sift through the some 10,000, but I kept seeing so many 4-5 stars that I was just completely thrown! How this book has an average rating of 4.3 I will never understand.

Patricia Same here, Leesa.

Mandy I love vampire diaries lol Tyler:"You know how stupid that sounds?"

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