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Whom God Would Destroy by Commander Pants
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Mar 21, 2011

really liked it
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‘I’ll consider any possibility that strikes me as possible.’

If you have ever wanted to read a novel about God, insanity and the search for the Ultimate Orgasm - look no further. Combine these topics with some strangely interesting, entertaining, and generally dysfunctional characters makes reading ‘Whom God Would Destroy’ a lot of fun.

Consider Oliver: he’s been working for six years as an outreach counsellor, working with the mentally ill. He gets along with most of his colleagues, and looks out for his clients: especially Abbey (whom he secretly loves); Doc with his paranoia about aliens, and the schizophrenic Greg. But Oliver’s world is turned upside down when he meets Jeremy. Jeremy, with his new age store and a raft of ideas about what he would like to achieve on earth, is not who he appears to be. And whoever he is, he keeps being distracted by sex, and by journalists. Jeremy’s also unsure about whether he wants to achieve what he is supposed to.

‘Why should one moment have any more significance than another?’

So, how does this all fit together? What draws the story together (more or less) are a number of different themes. First, there’s mental health, medication, and relative degrees of reality.

‘You work for our agency in the capacity of a mental health professional and you believe that space aliens have abducted one of our clients.’

Just who are the real aliens in this story? And who is conspiring against whom and to what end?
Secondly, there’s the search for the perfect experience (and is this what the Ultimate Orgasm and Big Macs have in common? Hmmm).

What brings the various themes together (more or less) and makes the novel work are the characters. Dysfunctional, crazy (however that is defined), cunning and (or) manipulative, Commander Pants has assembled an interesting cast. It’s fun speculative fiction with a satirical twist. As the cover says:
‘A novel about taking reality with a pillar of salt.

Note: I was offered, and accepted, a copy of this novel for review purposes.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith

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