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Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty
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Mar 21, 2011

did not like it

I so loved books 1 and 2, even 3 was all right... but Jessica has turned into an unreadable, snobbish character. There is nothing to like about her at this point; you just hate her. And that's not the same lovably cynical character from the earlier books in the series. I don't think Jess would really have turned into such a cunt. Sorry for the language, but there are no clean words to describe how maddening this book was for me! The fourth book was alienating enough, but this is just too much. I loved Jessica, but now I have nothing but venom for what she has become.

Why is she so self-obsessed? Why is she better than me, the reader? I feel like she'd just HATE me. And that is not what I want to read.

I thought book 4 was bad, as far as making me feel like a total loser, just from her condescending (if hilarious) attitude. But in Perfect Fifths, (which isn't even a pun, darn it!), Jessica is not Jessica anymore to me. She is just a bitch. She is not funny, she is not relatable, she is just some person I would never go near because she would scare me and she is mean.

So yeah. It was disappointing.
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