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A Carpet of Purple Flowers by Tracey-anne McCartney
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it was amazing

Arghhhhh this book is so awesome, I am speechless after finishing this amazing story.

It's unbelievable how perfectly this book is written.

It has twists and unexpected turns, things that you could never have imagined at all.

I'm blown way because of the nature of the story. Never have I ever read something like A Carpet of Purple Flowers. I am truly in love with the way this author managed to develop the main idea of the story, that is, the existence of two realms and a wandering soul. An of course lots of romance! I love how each character is unique and all of them are a little complex.

The main characters, Bea, Chance and Karian, are so developed, complex in a new way, with a story and baggage each.

Bea is strong, independant, smart and funny. She is kind and gentle, she is one of a kind. But she also has her past, things didn't end well between her and Brandon. And suddenly after a routinary life she finds herself, caught in the middle of a war. A war between two kingdoms, the Seelies and the Unseelies, both from the same race but opposing sects. And the worst part is that Bea doesn't know any of this, nor the reasons or why is she, in a way, the main reason of the war. But as time passes in the story, we get to join her in a journey of discovering who she is, and why is she so important for both The Seelies and The Unseelies. And as the story goes, she finds herself in not so graceful situations, but at the same time, she lives moments of true happiness, that will stay with her and with you as a reader forever.
It's so awesome to see how Bea faces all the problems that are thrown her way, as all humans she crumbles and fall, but she stand up again and fights. She keeps trying to make what's good for her but at the same time what's good to the others, so they don't get hurt either. She is a remarkable character, in all ways.

Now about Chance, oh Chance, he makes his appearance as a secondary character but climbs his way up to a main character so fast and in an excellent way, slowly he won my heart, as also Bea's love. He is a Seelie warrior, and he is on a mission on Earth, a mission to protect Bea from the Unseelie. It all starts when he enters Bea's library store with Kitty, but what they don't know is that somehow Bea can see one of them. And somehow they have an instant connection. After that moment they start seeing each other and knowing each other, until they fall in love. And this is the thing, their love is pure and innocent, and so incredible. But it's not all happiness, cause Bea doesn't know Chance's true nature, and she's about to discover all the secrets that everybody's keeping from her. But Chance *swoon* he is brave and kind, and SO PERFECT, I have to admit that I did not make an instant connection with him unlike Bea but he gained my love at one point, and wow, he has his baggage, and his problems, and he faces a hard situation because of his new feelings, but never did once he gave up, and he kept fighting for what he wanted until he couldn't.

And now Karian, how I love Karian! He is quite the opposite of chance but he is the perfect book boyfriend, the one everybody wants, he got my love the very first moment I met him, I am absolutely in love with him. He's one of kind, he's smart, caring and so in love with Bea, or at least a part of her. I can't express with words how much this character made an impact on me, how I feel about him. Kari is a go-getter, he's determined on what he wants, on each goal he has, and has not once given up. He's been fighting since he left his realm, and he is not backing down anytime soon. Maybe his ways are not the best, but I can understand him. Of the three main characters, he is the one with the larger baggage. He is the one who was suffered the most. And the things he has been through are horrible. He lost his love once and now he finally found it, he's losing it once again. Kari's story is heartbreaking, his heart and his life were torn apart on a unfortunate day. He's story is one that we get to know detail by detail as we turn the pages and when you think he's finally getting his happy ending. BOOM. An unexpected twist. My heart literally hurts for him.

But that's one of the best things of the story. It's intriguing, and has a lot of mysteries to discover. It keeps you thinking and wondering about what's going to happen next. And when you think you got it, you really don't. It will keep you guessing through all the story but it's entertaing.

Besides, this story has a little thing for each reader out there. It has love, friendship, heartbreak, fantasy, A LOVE TRIANGLE, twists, turns, happiness, sadness and regret. It's a mix of all the possible emotions you can have.

And about the friendship. I love Kitty and Jenny, they are great characters that represent everything that a true friend should be. Oh and let's not forget about Asta and Pia, secondary characters but SO FUNNY, I love them at the instant I met them.

So go get this book please, I'm begging you, go read this story. Meet your next book boyfriend and a new fantasy world you wish you'd live in. It's written in a beautiful way. And It has innovative elements that you probably have never read before! Like A Carpet of Purple Flowers.
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