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A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix
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Recommended to Katyana by: The Flooze

This is a really tough one to review.

On the one hand, there was something to the story that drew me in. And I am honestly at a complete loss to say what that was. I have been turning it over and over since I finished the book last night, and I really don't know what had me so fascinated.

But on the other hand... there was a lot about this book that just didn't work for me. Let's start with:

Heather as an FBI agent was ridiculous. This was just the worst-fitting career choice for this character, as written, because she is just so... NOT an agent. She's emotional, naive, forgetful about things like, oh, her GUN. She's pretty easily baited. She's utterly unprofessional. This character was not at all written with the personality of an agent. Furthermore, the story doesn't even support the weak idea of her being an agent. Because, for a start, agents aren't sent after serial killers without partners. Honestly, I don't know why the author went this route with the character, but then didn't build any structure to support that story choice. I decided, early on, that I was just not going to be able to tolerate this book at all if I couldn't just utterly erase that aspect - I literally ignored all reference to her as an FBI agent. As a character, I liked Heather. As an agent, she was laughable. So I chose to focus on her as a character.

Moving on, the other big problem I had was: Dante was, in many many respects, like a child. A hyper-sexualized child, very innocent (in every way EXCEPT sexual, of course) and utterly without emotional maturity or socialization. This was a creepy combination. He was like this... teenaged big brother, struggling to protect his family, but without the maturity to deal with the world. It made him endearing... but the VERY sexual way that he was worshipped by everyone around him then felt mildly obscene. Especially given that this is a guy that, it is implied, has been (view spoiler) It honestly made the entire potent-sex aura that the author loved to surround him with... really creepy. I mean, he even SPEAKS like a kid, with dialog like "didja wanna" and "I don't hafta" ... everything about Dante projects young young young. Young and broken.

Aside from the creepy sexual vibe, Dante was a difficult character to connect to. He was fascinating, mysterious, and very compassionate / empathetic. He was also, frankly, a sociopath. I can't see any way a relationship - with anyone - can possibly work out. Which is maybe why I kept reading. The big driving questions that I was asking myself throughout this first book were "where can this possibly be going? how on earth can this resolve?"

Which leaves me vaguely curious about where the rest of the series goes, but not at all emotionally invested. I think I'd be just as happy reading summaries from here forward, to satisfy my curiosity. Which is weird to me, because it is so incredibly rare for me to not become connected, on an emotional level, with characters. I mean, I cry at commecials, for pity's sake. But at the end of this book, my entire reaction - emotionally and intellectually - was pretty much this:

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9.13% "This book is weird. I admit that the mysterious air is working so far, but I sort of feel like I jumped into the middle book of a series. WTF is going on?"
March 23, 2011 –
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31.25% "If the missing magazine in her gun becomes a pivotal story moment later - as in, she is going to shoot someone, only to discover that her bullets are missing - I am going to be really ticked off. It takes a special kind of stupid for someone trained with a gun to not realize the magazine and cartridges have been removed - the weight and balance are completely different."
March 24, 2011 –
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74.76% "Sooooo... he's actually a psycho. Like, for reals. Don't get me wrong, I have sympathy for him, for what's he's been put through, but... you can't date someone like that. You can't have a relationship when you have reason to legitimately fear that he may, you know, tie you to a chair with your own entrails or something. A girl's got to have some sense of self-preservation, really."
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Catherine Oh my, I wonder what you'll think of this one.

Katyana Uh-oh, that sounds bad.

Catherine It was...interesting. I didn't love it as much as my friends did. (doesn't that always seem to be the case?)

Laura the Highland Hussy I enjoyed it :)
I'm gearing up to read the next one here this week

Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead Katyana wrote: "Uh-oh, that sounds bad."

Just remember that in book 1, the glossary is in the back! LOL. I didn't know that until the end. It sure would have helped understand ALOT.

Katyana Oooh, good to know. Haha, books that need to attach a glossary crack me up. :D

Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead Katyana wrote: "Oooh, good to know. Haha, books that need to attach a glossary crack me up. :D"

in this one, every few paragraphs, I was like WTF did he just say? LOL. I felt like a complete idiot discovering the glossary AFTER I finished the book. Even without the glossary, I enjoyed the book. I liked the later books even more.

Laura the Highland Hussy I never noticed anything like that about Dante, but now that it's been pointed out, I see it. I'll read the next one (soon actually) and I'll summarize it for you :)

Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead I totally felt the same way about Dante. Not only is he an abused childlike character but also Heather comes across as a protective mother rather than a love interest. It was all very twisted, dark, and creepy. The 2nd book was much better. What killed me in this book more than anything was the changing POV's. Way too many.

message 10: by AH (new) - rated it 3 stars

AH Hmm. I've seen glowing reviews, and so so reviews for this book. Now I am curious to read it to see where I'll be in the spectrum. Great review, Katyana.

message 11: by Katyana (last edited Mar 27, 2011 11:35AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Katyana @Laura - Great, thanks!! :D

@Michelle - I agree, Heather really does come across more as a protective mother. I liked her character - her sense of justice, her desire to protect people, that all really resonated with me. But yeah, it seemed like their personalities connected in more of a mother/son way (because of the fierce drive she felt to protect him), if you table the creepy sexual vibe. I honestly think she would have been a fabulous match with Lucien, and that would have probably made the whole book work better for me.

@AH - Cool, I will be interested to hear what you think!

The Flooze Here I am wondering when on earth I recc'd this to you! Maybe it was before I got a real feel for your preferences?

My first instinct on reading the book was totally positive - yet I haven't read the other books in the series yet. I think part of it is I'm afraid the second reading won't live up to my initial reaction? I think I was coming off of a PNR binge at the time, so I loved the twisted, creepy aspects and the plot twists. They made for a nice change!

Heather as an agent - definitely an odd choice. She didn't strike me as a Suit, and I wanted more character development for her. She felt somewhat flat at times. Perhaps that's because of the disconnect you've pointed out.

Sorry it didn't work out that well for you!

Katyana Oh, no, totally not your fault - I mark people in that rec box if they had a review that made me want to read it... just so I can reference back to the review for a conversation if I am excited about the book.

Still it was an interesting book. I felt compelled to read it all the way through to the end. It was fascinating!

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