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Morning Girl by Michael Dorris
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Mar 21, 2011

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In the novel Morning Girl by Michael Dorris, there are two young characters named Star Boy and Morning Girl, they are brother and sister who don't get along so well. They grow in character throughout the novel and learn many things about themselves and each other. Overall, this novel was decent.

The character and setting were the most effective literary elements in the novel. The characters star Boy and Morning Girl are very different and practically the opposites of each other. They have a kind of sibling rivalry where they want to be better than each other and receive more attention from their parents, but in a way they are still emotionally attached to each other as any brother and sister would be. Morning Girl knows how immature and childish Star Boy is, which is a big reason why she doesn't like him. Due to those feelings she feels as if she has to help him grow up. Star Boy is tired of his sister trying to be so perfect and feels neglected in the family, but knows his behavior is wrong. The two begin to help each other grow and learn things about life through out the novel. The setting was well described indirectly throughout the novel through scenes and sound as if they are in the Bahama Islands near an ocean or beach, along the water where many trees grow.

The most ineffective literary elements in this novel were the conflict, diction and moral. The conflict was unclear due to the alternating sides of the stories from Morning Girl, to Star Boy. Due to the unclear conflicts of the book, the moral(s) of the novel were also unclear. The diction was also a weak characteristic for the novel, because of the poor use of words. Although the novel was meant for a young audience the diction was very simple.

The novel's goods outweigh it's bads, making this novel almost interesting and well worth reading. This book should be recommended to small children from about 8-11 years of age. I don't think it should be given to read by anyone that is older than 13. This was an interesting, but confusing novel, that would make you want to keep on reading to find out what happens next in each chapter.


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