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Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
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Mar 21, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2011

R is not your cookie cutter zombie. Sure he still likes to chomp on the living’s flesh and snack on some fresh human brains. But what separates him from the rest of the pack is that he seems to be a bit more conscientious and sentient than the others. He hates killing people—though he likes to eat them. He listens to the crooning of Frank Sinatra and enjoys the thrill of an escalator ride. Somewhere inside of him, perhaps in his still heart that hasn’t ticked for God knows when, or some dim corner of his rotten brain, there’s a bit of humanity still left. He’s surprising in such a way that he's much more verbose than his other brethren.

There are also a lot of things that frustrated R; the inability to read, to dream. He figure, if he could just remember who he was, then perhaps his existence would be a bit more tolerable.

On an eating expedition to the city, he encountered a group of young people ripe for the, er, eating. After consuming one of his victims’ brain, he was overwhelmed with memories and the inexplicable need to protect a human girl. R’s journey to hope and redemption unfold with the help of Julie, the girl who slowly transformed him into someone more human and who will be the catalyst for a rebirth of the dead and the living alike.

I’ve had this book on my shelves since it came out. I’ve read good and bad reviews about it. And although they are mostly good, I was still hesitant. I just wasn’t convinced how a romance between a zombie and a human could be—well, romantic. I mean, I have this image in my head: R’s lips coming off his face while in the midst of a full on make out session with Julie. **shudders** When it eventually happened, I just…sighed.

This book was a chockfull of surprises. It was in the way the author flipped from writing gore to R’s wistful thoughts and feelings. It was in the ease with which the author convinced me zombies can ‘heal’ and can slowly function as humans. That the key to their transformation is in the brains they consume (I know right?). Kind of like taking your vitamins or eating vegetables, you take the good—the nourishing part and dispose the rest as waste.

I was prepared to be disgusted with the romance aspect of this book. But again, the author blew me away. This was truly an unconventional love story but R being a zombie did not take anything away from it. What I dreaded the most in the beginning became something I morbidly anticipated through majority of the second half of the book. The romance was sweet yet absolutely surreal.

I loved his interaction with M, a zombie like himself who was on the verge of something life-alteringly good. Their stunted conversations made me chuckle as was the way they worked as each other’s wing man.

To be inside R’s head was a refreshing experience. His thoughtful musings was something you'd sure not expect from a zombie but the author did a wonderful job of making it convincing that they were his thoughts. I really loved the sweet poignancy with every simple discoveries R had made. It was like watching a child's fascination with every single mundane things. The beautiful prose that this book was written in made R even more philosopical. It was so easy to fall in love with this un-dead.

Carrie Ryan, in my opinion, wrote the most romantic zombie books ever. Well now, I digress. This is giving her series some serious competition (sorry, Catcher!).

To sum it up, Warm Bodies is one of those short novels that will leave you smiling hours after finishing it.

Sweet. Surreal. Sensational. :)

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