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Captain America by Ed Brubaker
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Mar 19, 2011

really liked it
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Read in March, 2011

How many Captain Americas does it take to screw in a light bulb?

We get three versions of Cap in this collection. There’s the original one, Steve Rogers, freshly back from the dead. There’s Steve’s former sidekick James ‘Bucky’ Barnes who carried on the name while Steve was pushing up daisies. Finally, there’s a third one, a failed version from the ‘50s that the modified super soldier serum drove mad. This Bad Cap has hooked up with a band of Tea Party like domestic terrorists who want to ‘take America back’.

With Steve still reeling from his return and unsure if he should try to be Captain America again or if he should ask his former partner to continue, James and another former Steve Rogers sidekick, the Falcon, journey to Idaho to try and shut down the crazy version of Cap once and for all.

Brubaker does his usual stand out work in a tale that manages to put some drama into the idea of who will continue the Captain America name, Steve or James. Plus, his portrayal of the Bad Cap and his pals allows him to do some pretty good commentary about those who like to wrap themselves in flags and scream loudly about a return to a ‘real America’.

One of the things that Brubaker has tapped into for this storyline is the notion that Captain America isn’t just any superhero. In the Marvel universe, he’s an icon that represents America at its best. The idea that Steve may finally be buckling a bit under the weight of that and that James has struggled mightily trying to live up to it has made this a top notch super hero story.
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