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They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera
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really liked it
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So 100% of the reason I wanted to read this was to know...DO THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END???? And obviously I shan't tell you because you need to be tortured like I was tortured. And I confess to a few mixed feelings?!? Because I really hyped this up in my head. I WAS SO FRIKKIN' EXCITED. And while I loved it, it wasn't quite what I'd hoped exactly. But I still really liked it! And I have at least 4 feelings which is double the amount of feelings I generally am allowed in a 6-year period. So there you go.

It was a lot like Denton Little's Deathdate, except less slapstick comedy (THANK GOD) and I actually wanted a few more answers about the world. We don't get any?? I haven't even a clue why the people who get called up to say it's their Death Day get called "Deckers"??? I HAVE QUESTIONS. And since the book is literally set in 2017, I feel like the sci-fi vibe was confusing because we don't get to know HOW people know what day they're going to die. #MildDisgruntledness

Okay but the characters?!? THE CHARACTERS. They were super complex, emotional, and deep, and I love books where boys are precious cinnamon scrolls. Who also cry. Dangit, stop crying or you'll give me 5 emotions and I won't even know who I am anymore. I loooved Rufus and Mateo. Mateo was quiet and cautious and very anxious, and Rufus was a bit badass but with a loving sweetie side. I ship 'em. And I'm surprised at myself because 1-day romance stories are NOT my thing usually. But there's not instalove here!! Which is surprising!! BUT THEY WERE SUPER CUTE.

Okay but...let's have at it...

• I always have trouble with the definition some people decide on what counts as "living". I think living could totally be a nice day with a good book?? But Rufus was all up on Mateo for not going out. BUT OK. I just don't really see how a lot of the things they did was that thrilling. I mean, they swung on monkey-bars at a playground at some point. Mate. That's not living either. And all the virtual reality experiences were kind of boring to me. If I die without ever having skydived, do you know who's weeping? NOT ME.
• I also get worried when people "change" really fast to fit the definition of "living". Like I don't think the book was going at this fiercely. But by the end shy/serious/anxious Mateo has really "loosened up" and it just makes me sad that serious people have to "loosen up" in books so much. WE CAN HAVE A GOOD LIFE AND BE SERIOUS DAMMIT.
• I really really reeeeeally hate it when books throw in 2 million POVs of random people. Nope. I was not interested NOR saw the point in the Delilah Grey's storyline or the actor/writer. Or the half dozen other potatoes. Their chapters are short and irregular but like...*scratches off the page*

...if you open this without having read the book then you bad, son, you bad...
(view spoiler)

ALL IN ALL: Did I like it? YES I QUITE DID. I loved History Is All You Left Me more, but this was still special and beautiful and I really like this author!! I still haven't read his debut, but I'M ON IT, CHUM. JUST GIVE ME A SECOND. The writing is captivating, the characters leap off the page, there is complex emotion entwined amongst boys who are learning what it is to live and die.

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19.0% "But what I want to know is...DO THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END?????

100% of the reason I wanted to read this."
August 2, 2017 –
50.0% "Yo, Mateo is too good. Definitely not suspicious of him anymore, it's not like he's got it in him to jump me. But I'm mad shocked to meet someone so...pure?

August 3, 2017 –
81.0% "All I'm saying is that if *I* knew I was about to die, I would be eating some delicious cheesecake or something. THESE BOYS HAVE EATEN NOTHING ALL DAY. I don't??? I don't relate...."
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message 1: by Aine (new)

Aine I think I can answer you question as to why they're called Deckers! To be "Decked" is slang for being viciously hit, so I bet it's a play on getting news and being "punched in the gut" by whatever the news is.

C.G. Drews @Aine: Oh that would make sense!

La Coccinelle My thought would be that Deckers are "on deck". It's a baseball term: the person who's next up to bat is "on deck". So if they're next to die... Well, that makes sense to me, anyway; too bad the author didn't clarify.

message 4: by Hann (new) - added it

Hann Remraf OOH this sounds super duper interesting, and I'm curious to see if they DO both die at the end *resists urge to click spoiler button*
but...I have a thing with sexual content and loads of cussing. Is there any explicit sexual content, and how much cussing, if at all? If you wouldn't mind taking the time to answer my questions :D

C.G. Drews @La Coccinelle: Ah, that could make sense too!

@Hann: I honestly can't remember since I don't have a problem with swearing. 😂

message 6: by Hann (new) - added it

Hann Remraf Cait (Paper Fury) wrote: "@La Coccinelle: Ah, that could make sense too!

@Hann: I honestly can't remember since I don't have a problem with swearing. 😂"

Ahh okay. Well, I'll try it and see XD Thanks

message 7: by Tia (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tia Just finished this and have a lot of the same feelings!

@Hann: there is no sexual content and very little cussing if any

Avery I think they're called Deckers because they're "on deck" which is a term (used especially in theatre) meaning "up next", and they're up next to die.

Nina ✿ Looseleaf Reviews ✿ Rufus' end was so, ugh. I love it as literature but it HURT not knowing! (Love the review, though!)

message 10: by Alice (new)

Alice I read the spoiler without reading the book. XD (I already read around 30 pages and didn't like it though). I'm going to go read the ending now.

ashley 🌈 I absolutely love this book, made me cry and stay curled up in fetal position for HOURS after.

message 12: by Alice (new)

Alice I read the last 15% of the book. It was pretty good.

Itstashhh THIS REVIEW omg. Perfection.

message 14: by Dorrit (new)

Dorrit I opened it

Ilsen Leon I also wanted them to die in their arms but omg it was so good. I need to read other Adam Silvera books because my heart is destroyed

message 16: by Nat (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nat *spoilers* not to ruin your joy about the open ended ending but I had assumed that Rufus got hit by the car (he was paying attention the video of mateo singing) that Victor was speeding in to get to his dying fiancé who was in the same park rufus was walking to. Just my interpretation :)

message 17: by Kell (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kell @Nat 😲 Yes!!

Connor's Library  Corner *SPOILER*

I made the assumption that the guy driving to see him fiance was sooeding to go and see her before she died and run Rufus over, killing him as they were in the same location

Mariah Roze Our Diversity in All Forms Book Club is reading this for September. We’d love to have you join the discussion on it. :) https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

Courtney Theresa @nat just finished the book and I didn’t even think of that and now I’m crying again omg 😭😭

☞Faith☜ *spoiler

aha not me actually thinking they wont die, and getting attached to the characters just to be disappointed

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