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Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop by Lee Goldberg
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Mar 18, 2011

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Read from July 06 to 10, 2012

When the mayor of San Francisco slashes the police department's budget, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer is forced to terminate his consulting contract with former partner turned private detective Adrian Monk.

Nevertheless, the obsessive-compulsive detective continues to show up at crime scenes despite discouragement from his lovely and forthright assistant, Natalie Teeger. In an attempt to outwit her, Monk begins calling in anonymous tips on crimes he reads about in the newspaper until he is caught in the act by Natalie. No pay, no work!

Making matters worse, both Monk and Stottlemeyer are interviewed before a live audience at a homicide investigators convention wherein Stottlemeyer is made to look incompetent next to Monk's amazing powers of detection. The interview is conducted by homicide detective Paul Braddock of the Banning PD who clearly has a peronal axe to grind with Stottlemeyer.

Following the interview, former homicide detective turned millionaire PI Nick Slade extends a lucrative job offer to Monk and Natalie to join his company Intertect as investigators. In addition to the company car (a Lexus SUV that Natalie drives), Monk is also assigned a a gorgeous young assitant named Danielle. Though slightly jealous, Natalie gets along well with her until Danielle tasks Monk with hundreds of cases per week. Undaunted, Monk's obsessive nature allows him to solve one after the other without fail and without sleep--all from reading the case files.

Meanwhile, a long time friend of Stottlemeyer's, Bill Peschel, is found dead in a swimming pool. Peschel had been suffering with Alzheimer's and thought that he was still a bartender in a tavern he had purchased decades earlier but no longer owned. Whenever people would visit him at his daughter's home, he would serve them "drinks" at the bar, all of which turned out to be nothing more than water. Peschel also had a habit of calling in anonymous tips about crimes that had been solved years ago. At Peschel's wake, Braddock and Stottlemeyer end up in a fistfight over the humiliating interview from the day before.

The following night, Braddock is found dead in his hotel room and all of the evidence points to Stottlemeyer. Despite warnings from Slade, Monk begins to investigate the case after Stottlemeyer is arrested by his own partner, the quirky, hero-worshipping Lt. Randy Disher.

Will Monk be able to clear the captain? How is the murder of Braddock connected to the death of Bill Peschel and is there a connection to millionaire Nick Slade? Even Adrian Monk is stumped, albeit only briefly...

Once again, Lee Goldberg gives us a quick, fun read and remains true to the characters from the TV show. This is the fifth Monk novel I've read and I have yet to be disappointed.


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