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Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison
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Mar 18, 2011

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I really don't want to like these books any more. The main character is high-strung, immature, and whiny, and it's clear that the hot witch/vampire lesbian romance is never going to go anywhere. I still stayed up til 1pm finishing it. Dammit.

Additional thoughts after a series reread:

The pace of the book is great, the plot is the usual jumble of loosely-connected events, Rachel remains largely unsympathetic, and Al is actually becoming a character at whose appearance I do not cringe.

And then there's Pierce.

He's exactly the same type of feckless, egotistical asshole that Nick was, but he appears not to be an actual traitor. Also the sex is better. But the "accent"... dear God.

I have a suspicion that Harrison actually did some research to cobble together something that may actually have some historical veracity, but unfortunately she stopped after finding half a dozen slang phrases and verbal tics and making sure that every time Pierce opens his mouth, one of them comes out. It's grating, tedious, and does the character an active disservice. And the fact that she refers to it as an "accent" is bizarre - nowhere does anyone suggest that he actually pronounces words differently, he just has a very odd vocabulary that sounds a third stereotypical Old South, a third Mark Twain, and a third pure what-the-hell. The sooner he gets dumped and/or killed off the better, because reading his dialogue is actively painful.

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