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Lost in Time by Melissa de la Cruz
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Mar 18, 2011

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Read in October, 2011

This book came to me in the wrong time. I was supposed to read it a month from now according to my schedule but one awful day, I finished most of it and continued the rest the following morning, now it's done and i hate it!!
I'm usually used to the stupidity of the blue blood books, maybe the point here is that i just grew up and started reading worthwhile books making this trash not tolerated any longer. what's with the short, annoyingly simple sentences, what's with the super fast change of mind, what's with the dragging and dragging and dragging and 'oh she'll never see him again' and next chapter they're together, and 'oh i can't forgive you' and a few lines later a funny conversation arises out of nowhere between them, or 'oh i love him/her so much, i want him/her to stay with me forever' and then I'll kill myself so he/she can live, does that even make any sense!!!! and 'i know you were with your bond-mate last second, the phone is ringing....sorry i have to go see my bond-mate now (who clearly lives next door), bye'
okay I'll end this now.
let's be serious, these books really have a good story and potentially complex events, but Cruz's babyish writing is unbelievable. from the plot side of view, this book got a lot of questions answered, finally hello Michael and good cliffhanger ending for the upcoming last installment, finally! The setting is great as well, Egypt and the underworld, it was great to read between the English words a lot of Arabic words that i understand and sometimes figuring stuff out before the characters since i know Arabic and they don't. I didn't like the idea of one small chapter (that nearly always doesn't add anything to the point) for each of the 3 characters, Cruz is trying to find a substitute for Bliss, adding Demming in Misguided Angel and forcing an incoherent Allegra story into Lost in Time, if Cruz wrote each story separately then put them in that order later in the editing, i cannot imagine her sitting to write the dull monotonous story of Allegra one chapter after the other, where nothing really adds up, when reading Keys to the Repository, I found a lot of questions that i felt would be answered later, and by reading Bloody Valentine, one doesn't know how Allegra ended up with Ben after wards, that's the only addition Lost in Time adds about Allegra's story, even though a lot of stuff could have been added as well; the story of Florence will be explained in the next book, i get it, but what about how Ben died, how Allegra fell into comatose, these things don't have to be in the final book, they can (with Cruz's pace) be explained in one paragraph, instead of Allegra going back and forth between Ben and Charles and blah blah blah.
at certain points in this book, i had a feeling that Cruz writes the stupid stuff, then writes the battering she gives herself for writing something so stupid, all the 'why did she...' 'why has she...' 'why couldn't she....' and yeah they're all shes because every girl in this book just feels compelled to do something that doesn't seem logical.
so now why on earth did i give this book 3 stars? cuz i honestly feel so guilty that i read this book in the wrong time and hated it like that, I want to remind myself that it's a blue bloods book and as a blue bloods book it deserves 3 stars, I liked Misguided Angel more (dunno why), and still love Van Alen Legacy, while this one falls in the Blue Bloods, Key's to the Repository place, annoying/indifferent/stupid...
can't wait for the final book to get rid of this series forever

Edit: I just read my review for Misguided Angel, lol, lol, lol, who the heck wrote that review?!
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Kwesi 章英狮 Oh! This review need spaces.

Namida... Kwesi 章英狮 wrote: "Oh! This review need spaces."

figures, i was really upset when i wrote it. fixed it now, all better?

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Alyssa Hubbard I know this has nothing to do with your review, or with the book in general... but is your icon from Clannad? :P Sorry for my randomness.

Namida... Alyssa wrote: "I know this has nothing to do with your review, or with the book in general... but is your icon from Clannad? :P Sorry for my randomness."

haha, yes, as a matter of fact it is :) ushio-chan, u a fan?

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Alyssa Hubbard Oh yeah. My favorite anime. :) Nice to see another fan.

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