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Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews
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Mar 17, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: favourites, highly-recommended, urban-fantasy
Read from March 21 to 24, 2011

OMG!!!! This book was awesome!!!!!! I'm so happy that I "listened" to other fellow members on Goodreads and attempted this series. I am now COMPLETELY AND IRREVOCABLY hooked!!!!

Seriously, I need to fan myself (Raphael, please pass me your folded paper fan...). I now declare that this is officially one of my top 5 most favourite/recommended UF series, and Curran is my most favourite fictional shapeshifter hunk in a male leading role!!!! Holy begeezus, he was so hot that I almost wanted to grab at him and keep him to myself (if I could do it at all physically)!!!!

This book was full of actions and suspense. I loved that many mythical creatures were mentioned in the Games and the fighting scenes were amazing - my heart was beating so fast, hoping and praying that my favourite characters wouldn't get hurt too badly. My heart broke for Derek in this book. He was a good guy with a damaged past, and to see him suffer in this book was truly heartbreaking.

The final round of the Games, in which Kate and team participated, was AWESOME!!! We got to see the team members (comprised of Kate, Curran, Jim, Derek, Raphael, Andrea, and Dali), as well as Dr. Doolittle, work together, strategize together, and support each other with unquestioned faith and loyalty. Their interactions and dialogue while they were locked up in the Games for 3 days were absolutely hilarious and entertaining. I laughed my arse off on several occasions while reading the book, and my husband would look at me as though I had sprouted two heads - and I couldn't even explain to him why I was laughing so hard. There would be times when I wished my hubby would read some of my books (yeah, he's not into the same types of books as I) and this clearly would count as one of those times.

The characters in this series were all so unique and interesting that I loved them all!!! This included those such as weirdo Saiman, Julie the street kid, hottie bouda Raphael, personal-identity-conflicted Andrea, medmage Dr. Doolittle etc... Do I even need to mention about Kate and Curran?!?!? Kate, as a heroine, was very unique in that she knew her mistakes and she knew her weaknesses. Sometimes she wasn't even afraid of admitting her mistakes. She was loyal to her friends and allies, and she could be such a hot-tempered badass!!! I just loved her as a female lead!!! The sexual tension between her and Curran was threaded throughout the entire book and led me on like a puppy on a leash. Their bickering was so hilarious!! I even got some of the quotes memorized now because they really made an impression. I loved the way Curran chose to court her. Normally one would think that the guy was a creep if he started breaking and entering the girl's home without permission, but this was explained away by the fact that some shapeshifters would court their mates like this. It was almost like a flirting game... I personally thought it was more fun to read a book or a series in which the romantic relationship between the female and male leads developed through getting to know each other, working together, going through some difficult actions together, and also spicing it up with some flirting, courting and sexual innuendos. Again, a personal opinion only, I thought this was a much appealing way of portraying character growth and relationship development than "bed hopping" in a typicall romance type of novel. I am really looking forward to more romantic development between them in the next book...

Despite the above, I have to admit that this book was not perfect. There were certain inconsistencies and some parts were actually confusing - I had to go over certain passages a couple of times to understand it better. Nonetheless, in the grand scheme of things, it was so entertaining and refreshing that I thought it was okay to overlook those mistakes. WHO CARES!!!! When a book is that alluring and interesting to read, it truly doesn't matter anymore.

One word - AWESOME!!!!
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Quotes Liv Liked

Ilona Andrews
“Curran looked back at me. "Why is it you always attract creeps?"

"You tell me." Ha! Walked right into that one, yes, he did.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Strikes

Ilona Andrews
“Every time I think you’ve reached the limits of arrogance, you show me new heights. Truly, your egotism is like the Universe—ever expanding.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Strikes
tags: kate

Ilona Andrews
“I said, I know why you’re afraid to fight with me.”
"And why is that?” If he flexed again, I’d have to implement emergency measures. Maybe I could kick some sand at him or something. Hard to look hot brushing sand out of your eyes.
"You want me.”
Oh boy.
"You can’t resist my subtle charm, so you’re afraid you’re going to make a spectacle out of yourself.”
"You know what? Don’t talk to me.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Strikes

Ilona Andrews
“As he passed me, he leaned to Curran and handed him a paper fan folded from some sort of flyer.

Curran looked at the fan. “What?”
"An emergency precaution, Your Majesty. In case the lady faints.”

Curran just stared at him.

Raphael strode toward the Pit, turned, flexed a bit, and winked at me.

"Give me that,” I told Curran. “I need to fan myself.”
"No, you don’t.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Strikes

Ilona Andrews
“His Majesty needs a can-I girl anyway. And I'm not it."
"A can-I girl?" Andrea frowned.

I leaned back. "'Can I fetch your food, Your Majesty? Can I tell you how strong and mighty you are, Your Majesty? Can I pick your fleas, Your Majesty? Can I kiss your ass, Your Majesty? Can I..."

It dawned on me that Raphael was sitting very still. Frozen, like a statue, his gaze fixed on the point above my head. "He's standing behind me, isn't he?"

Andrea nodded slowly.

"Technically it should be 'may I'," Curran said, his voice deeper than I remembered. "Since you're asking for permission."

Why me?

"To answer your question, yes, you may kiss my ass. Normally I prefer maintain my personal space, but you're a Friend of the Pack and your services have proven useful once or twice. I strive to accommodate the wishes of persons friendly to my people. My only question is, would kissing my ass be obeisance, grooming, or foreplay?”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Strikes

Ilona Andrews
“I flexed my wrist, popped a silver needle into my palm, and offered it to him.
'What's this?'
'A needle.'
'What should I do with it?'
He'd walked right into it. Too easy. 'Please use it to pop your head. It's obscuring my view of the room.'
- Kate & Saiman”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Strikes

Ilona Andrews
“I've never seen such a collection of idiots in my whole life.' Doolittle shook his head. 'If you participate in this lunacy, y'all will get yourselves killed. Then don't come crying to me.'
Now that would be a neat trick.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Strikes

Ilona Andrews
“If the lot of you survives, Curran will flay the skin off your backs," Doolittle said.
"That's what I always love about you, Doctor." Raphael grinned. "You're a cup-halfway-full kind of guy. All flowers and sunshine.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Strikes

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Kerstin ~ (SheReadsByMoonlight) Glad you loved it! This is my absolute favourite series and "Magic Strikes" is my favourite book so far. And I agree on Curran, he is the yummiest shifter out there *sighs dreamily*

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