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Vampire Moon by J.R. Rain
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really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal-romance, urban-fantasy, ebook-kindle, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This book was really very good. The pace was fast and the story never got dull. This series has positively got my attention. I hope the books to follow are just a well written. The main character Sam has taken on this vigilante type persona. She wants to save the innocent and make the guilty pay for their actions. At the same time, as she seeks her own kind of justice for her clients, it’s making her more vampire and less human…she can feel herself fighting off the more scary vampire tendencies. I like how she started to take things into her own hands and was not the victim in any case. She save not one, but two clients in this book in more ways than one. She saves a woman from a her ex who is on death row and is still out to kill her with use of hired assassins. She simultaneously helps the other client who seeks revenge after his wife is murdered by a crime boss.

Aside from all the dark justice going on, I liked that Sam finally got a look at Kingsley in his Werewolf form. The author has a very interesting take on Werewolves, one I never heard (or read) before. I’m curious to see what becomes of their relationship.

I even enjoyed her witty conversations with Detective Sherbet. They have a cool dynamic. I feel a little bad for him. He knows crazy and unexplainable things are happening and he looks to her for clarity, but of course she puts him off for obvious reasons.

I totally love that finally, after being dogged out and kept from her kids, Sam finally got her ex, the lowlife Danny, by the balls (excuse my French!). He totally got everything he deserved…he probably could have stood to get a little more misery. It was odd how his personality did such a 180 from her pre-vampire days. I was completely happy that she was back with her kids by the end of the book. The ending wow…great cliffhanger. I was sitting there saying aloud…”OMG, who is it??!!?” LOL, too funny. I love when I react to books in that way. I have a feeling I know who the mysterious Fang is, but we’ll see. I can’t wait for American Vampire!

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