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Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson
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Mar 16, 2011

it was ok

With the death of a friend and cop turned PI, and the torching of his home where Yolanda and Ferdinanda, ex-patriot Cubans have been finding refuge, here starts the downward spiral of this book. As Goldy tries to help a fellow chef and old friend and her wheelchair bound aunt, Goldy of course not thinking or caring about her husband and son, takes these two annoying women into her home and opens herself and her family up to all sorts of danger. Unfortunately, long time readers know that this is typical Goldy behavior. However, this time it just seems to be the icing on the cake. The synopsis that the Publisher has included that says this book has laughs. Well not so much.
For first time readers there is no need to read the others in this series to be able to follow this book. But then again I would say if you were a first time reader, you might want to stay away from this book, or get it from the library and save your cash and a tree.
This was the most chaotic and unbelievable book in this series to date. It had a confusing plot, distasteful and annoying whiny `too stupid to live' secondary characters and the red herring was so convoluted and unbelievable that it was laughable.

Spoiler Alert-------Spoiler Alert-----Spoiler Alert------>
For those who have been following this series but feel like it may be time to give up and move on---here is a spoiler to let you see if you may want to change your mind---Goldy and Tom decide to have a baby. Can this be the actual end of this series?
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message 1: by Kaye (new)

Kaye I gave up on this series several books ago as they became way too unbelievable and boring.

Laura Salas I've liked this series all along, but it seems to be going downhill with the past several. I really didn't care for this one much at all.

message 3: by Jane (new)

Jane Thanks Dianne - I've had Crunch Time on my to read list for a while and did enjoy Goldie's earlier adventures. But after reading your review, I won't bother with this one.

Dianne Jane wrote: "Thanks Dianne - I've had Crunch Time on my to read list for a while and did enjoy Goldie's earlier adventures. But after reading your review, I won't bother with this one."

I really disliked this book, and I'm very glad that I could save you some money on this book so you could spend it on something you'll love!

Stephanie I like all her books but this one was easy to put down. It seemed very rushed the last chapter too...trying to tie it all up to figure out the mureder..

message 6: by Tina (new) - rated it 1 star

Tina I'm in the middle of reading it and have to say am wondering why it's not enjoyable at all. Your review makes me glad it's not just me.

message 7: by Dianne (last edited Oct 16, 2012 11:28AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dianne Tina wrote: "I'm in the middle of reading it and have to say am wondering why it's not enjoyable at all. Your review makes me glad it's not just me."

You know, what had ticked me off so much was at the time I published my review at Amazon and elsewhere---Miss Davidson posted on her Facebook pages to her fans to write complimentary reviews and other nefarious things, because of all the negative reviews. It really spelled the end of the series for me no matter what. Authors need to be able to take their licks just like anyone else.

Tina, believe me it isn't just you who disliked this book, there were tons of us.

Jobiska (Cindy) Oh, I'm disappointed to read the above (funny that I start thinking about the series, and a question I have about a character/plot twist several books back that hasn't been mentioned since--hoping to find confirmation in one of the reviews--anyway, that's tangential) and I see and totally agree with your review--and see others have recently found it too!

message 9: by Tina (new) - rated it 1 star

Tina That's it. I'm putting down this book. There are too many others I *want* to read. I thought it was me. Glad it's not and sorry to see this series taking a nose dive.
I can imagine that authors get bored of their characters and the same old, same old, but still...

Dianne Books should entertain you and keep you enthralled... you shouldn't have to 'work' to finish them.

Jobiska (Cindy) why don't you ask about the plot twist, maybe I can remember something that will help you?

I'm just ticked that I am so disgusted with Ms Davidson's attitude that I will never find out if Goldie and Tom actually have a new baby!

Jobiska (Cindy) I'm sure you can wait until people start putting up Goodreads reviews of it and they'll mention the baby, if there is one!

Okay, this is far enough down that I hope it won't spoil anyone. I've given my back copies away (partly because of being fed up with Crunch Time!), and can't check. But I was absolutely certain it turned out, a few books back, that Julian Teller is Marla's biological son. Am I hallucinating or was that correct? Yet the books haven't mentioned it again!

Stacy S. I admit that there are a lot of details in this one. I think at least 15o pages could've been cut. I still find myself enjoying this. I am looking forward to her next one. After all the negativity of this one, I hope the next one's shorter with less sub plots. The food looks great, though. :)

Deborah Completely agree with your review and think it is time to give up on this series.

Stacy S. Even though I love my characters, this is why I don't spend too much time with them. THey can go stale. I think a break from Goldy might refresh the author. I've read a lot of the series. I'm reading 'sticks and Scones' right now. I would like to see the next book shorter but if Ms. Davidson needs to step away from it for a while, I can understand.

message 15: by Pam (new) - rated it 2 stars

Pam I agree with the other comments. I have read these books over the years, I enjoy the recipes at the end. Goldi is a little far fetched in her involvement in Tom's cases but most times it's not this bad. There was a whiny tone to this book and I could not stand Yolanda and her overbearing Aunt. A waste of my time.

Michelle Robinson I so agree with you. I was outdone that she would glibly take two women into her home after their two previous homes burned or were firebombed. Ridiculous.

message 17: by Dee (new)

Dee Julian is Marla's late sister's son. Adelle was her name and her story is told in Dying for Chocolate. His father was Brian Harrington.

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