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The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene
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Mar 16, 2011

really liked it

This was not the easiest of the Brian Greene books to read, but then it was a grand tour of the bleeding edge of physics, all told without Math. You have to expect that there would be some stop, go back, read that again moments in there, and there were. There were fewer references to pop culture icons this time around, and if felt like those ommisions must have been because someone complained about Simpsons references not belonging in a serious book or something. There were missed to some degree, and if felt like he was working a lot harder to explain things without them.

The base subject of the book itself is mind altering: Like licking the cover and finding it laced with LSD. For weeks and weeks ager I have returned to think about what I read, and consider it more closely. I went on a total mind candy bender while I processed all the possibilities of the Multiverse.

Mr. Greene is quite clear about the theoretical nature of all of it, but at the end we have 9 different, not mutually exclusive multiverses! If one were a betting person, it seems likely that even if all 9 are not correct, than at least some of them are, at least in some significant part, and in a way that is comforting. Knowing that, at the end of this 4+ dimensional universe, we are only at the beginning. There is way way way more.

In my next incarnation, or in the next universe over, I hope I am a math wiz and can understand all the things that went into making this book that I do not know or understand without the math here/now.

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