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The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss
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really liked it
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Full review on my podcast: SFBRP #124

(as soon as I'm completely over my tonsillitis)

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March 15, 2011 – Shelved as: recommended-by-sfbrp-listeners
March 15, 2011 –
5.0% "This is a looong book, so I might not do it all in one stretch."
March 18, 2011 –
March 22, 2011 –
45.0% "This was the perfect material for a day in which I spent 18 hours on various planes."
March 25, 2011 –
90.0% "I'm churning through this pretty quickly, due to being a bit ill."
March 25, 2011 –
80.0% "I thought I was right near the end of the book, but it seems I didn't download the final part from! Still got about 9 hours of listening to go... after I get a chance to download it."
March 26, 2011 –
90.0% "Back to 90%, but for real this time. I downloaded a very low quality version of the file section over satellite internet while at sea."
March 27, 2011 – Finished Reading

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Greg wow 4 stars can't wait to hear your review

Luke Burrage Greg wrote: "wow 4 stars can't wait to hear your review"

It's more like 3.5 stars. Purely subjective, and I was at a very open time in my life for looooong meandering stories about nothing in particular.

Greg Yes I understand. I actually like historical fiction so some of the longer "here's what happened" stories get a higher rating from me but I also understand the really big question you always bring up with these "why?" why here why this part of the story why now.

Bohan Ye I skimmed the novel quickly. (I think I only read about 50% of the book) But from what i gathered not much happened and the events that occurred just could not grab me.
Stuff that happened in the book
(view spoiler)
Overall the story feels like a side story from the the main plot about the Chandrians. I had very little investment in the characters and the story. I will not review the book since I skipped about half of it. I hope your review can convince me otherwise.

message 5: by Damian (new) - added it

Damian Enjoyed your Podcast review, but it did seem like a total slam. Hard to understand, from what you've said, what you enjoyed about the book. It sounds almost painful to read or listen to, from your description.

Luke Burrage It really isn't painful to listen to at all. It's just very very long. Each individual story is quite interesting, and I enjoyed seeing how things work out.

However, I had issues with it as a novel. It isn't a novel as such. And while I enjoyed the stories in it, I didn't feel like the main character moved on far enough compared to the first book.

Troy G I agree with your above summation except, I really found that the trip to fairy land / sex romp was tonally inconsistant, and fairly irrelivant. It derailed that section of the book for me. That particular story was pretty unenjoyable.

Luke Burrage True. It was the low point of the book for me too.

Bohan Ye Luke, I think you are giving Rothfuss too much credit, I too thought he was going to do something special (I liked the evil Kvothe idea) with this book given what happened in the Name of the Wind. (I really liked the premise of the 1st novel) I can't help be believe that the next book will also just be like this book, lots of action but next to no plot. If the next novel does not improve, I can see myself giving it 1 star :(

message 10: by Luke (new) - rated it 4 stars

Luke Burrage Yeah, I know what you mean. If this whole story ends non-unhappily I'm going to be pissed!

message 11: by Tamahome (new)

Tamahome I hope this works penny arcade kvothe comic

message 13: by unknown (last edited Apr 15, 2011 03:12PM) (new)

unknown just listened to your podcast and totally agree with everything you said, but i don't see how that adds up to a 3.5 at all. i just listened to your perdido street station podcast (which was a five-star book for me), and you had similar complaints here and there and gave that book 2 stars, though you seemed to like it a lot more... (and i can't help but wonder now if you would have liked PSS better as an audiobook, because all the description is quite nice on audio -- i am switching back and forth).

regardless, i actually asked rothfuss about how kvothe manages to talk for 38 hours in one day and his answer was that a person talks faster than an audiobook narrator and maybe the days are longer in kvothe's world.

uh, ok, whatever, sure. i'm sure he talked for 38 "hours" and somehow that is only eight kvothe-hours. so apparently people live to be the equivalent of several hundred years old?

message 14: by Luke (new) - rated it 4 stars

Luke Burrage Joel wrote: "just listened to your podcast and totally agree with everything you said, but i don't see how that adds up to a 3.5 at all."

My rating is purely subjective. I said at the end of the review of the first book that I'd enjoy this as background listening on a long flight, and that's exactly what it is good for! I was sick for a week with tonsillitis, and this book was the perfect turn-off-my-brain activity I needed when laying in bed, when I didn't have enough energy to open my eyes.

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