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This isn't a review (I can't for the life of me remember a single aspect of this book and I no longer have any feelings towards it, ill or otherwise) but I'm doing my GR spring cleaning and removing or editing reviews that I hate. It's a big task, since I've written a lot of abominable crap over the past decade of being on Goodreads (I'm so OLD), but for fun I decided to go through the comments on this review. Six years' worth of them. With all the fire and brimstone down there, it looks like a gaming subreddit, but at times there was some genuinely interesting conversation.

That's it, though. That's all I have to add. For the record, I actually wanted to remove this book from my shelves, because I genuinely cannot remember a single thing that happened in it and I don't even own the book, but GR won't let me. It freezes every time I try to take this book off my shelves. I guess I'm stuck with it. Cool, or whatever.
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March 15, 2011 – Shelved
April 2, 2011 – Shelved as: ya
April 2, 2011 – Shelved as: angels-and-demons
May 27, 2014 – Started Reading
May 27, 2014 –
7.0% "So, um, I may have just cried? All over my Kobo?"
May 27, 2014 –
8.0% "No, I'm not crying. There's something in my eye. Like a twig, or a branch."
May 28, 2014 –
13.0% "Simon is literally Daphne. He is never not being captured."
May 29, 2014 –
14.0% "What the actual fuck is the Seelie Queen doing?!"
June 1, 2014 –
22.0% "One of my absolute favourite relationships in this series is Alec and Isabelle's. In some ways I enjoy reading about their interactions more than any of the romantic pairings."
June 1, 2014 –
23.0% "All this Lightwood family drama is so fucking entertaining. They should go on Maury."
June 1, 2014 –
23.0% "I'm really sick of Sebastian already. He's a snoozefest of a villain because there's no substance or nuance to him. He's just evil because he's evil and his only layer is the top one, which is evil. He just likes to wreck stuff, and not in the indulgent intelligent anarchist way that the Joker does. Nah, Sebastian's just one big plot device."
June 1, 2014 –
23.0% "There is so. Much. Incest in these books. Enough. Enough with the incest! How can Clare be okay with this?! Clearly she doesn't have a brother."
June 1, 2014 –
24.0% "Clary is so weak and so much of what happened during this battle could have been avoided if she'd put aside her selfish scruples and just had a fucking backbone. She herself said that the Endarkened are beyond saving, and yet she's unwilling to fight them. Fuck off, Clary."
June 1, 2014 –
26.0% "Isabelle gives me life. I wish she was the main character and not Clary 'Tofu Cake' Fray."
June 1, 2014 –
29.0% "Clary just found out about the death of one of her friends and the massacre at one of the Downworlder strongholds, and yet one page later she's making a joke about her pajamas and being sarcastic with Simon. This is fucked up."
June 21, 2014 –
46.0% "This book is literally ridiculous. Ridiculous."
June 22, 2014 –
47.0% "Whoa WHOA! Alec does not fuck around. I like it."
June 22, 2014 –
48.0% "" if he were wearing a crown of burning thorns." So Jace is Jesus now? Is that actually the point we've reached? Seriously?"
June 22, 2014 –
49.0% ""...Blackthorn blue, the color of water." THE COLOUR OF WATER? The COLOUR? Of WATER? WHAT?!"
June 23, 2014 –
54.0% "Between them, these characters do not have two brain cells to rub together. They are absolutely dense. They are devoid of common sense. There isn't even any sort of visceral understanding to them; they don't even act on instinct. They are just a collection of skeletons wandering around and occasionally bumping into one another."
June 23, 2014 –
54.0% "Blades do not go in holsters. Holsters are designed to hold handguns, to restrict their movement so they don't accidentally go off. Blades go in sheaths or longer ones go in scabbards. Like seriously, weapons research. It's not hard, CC. Google it."
June 23, 2014 –
54.0% "If Malcolm Fade is High Warlock of Los Angeles, as in, he's High Warlock of the whole city, then shouldn't Magnus be High Warlock of New York, not just Brooklyn? Why are there separate High Warlocks for the NY islands? Who's High Warlock of Manhattan? Queens? The warlock society is not explained clearly enough."
June 23, 2014 –
55.0% "" the color of paper"? What? What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK?"
June 23, 2014 –
55.0% "Ok, I actually really like Malcolm Fade. He's hilarious."
June 23, 2014 –
55.0% "Something happened to Malcolm Fade at the beginning of the 20th century. So I guess he'll be in TLH. And he'll surely be in TDA. Shame I'm avoiding both."
June 23, 2014 –
55.0% "Can I take Malcolm home in my pocket please? He is adorable."
June 23, 2014 –
57.0% "I'm skimming the Emma chapters. They're dull."
June 27, 2014 –
75.0% "Sebastian is such a caricature. And the deaths that we were all freaking out over are so minor and pointless. Clare is hyped up to be such a risqué author but she never takes a chance or rocks her own boat. This book is a safe, safe book and I find that incredibly disappointing."
June 27, 2014 –
76.0% "Emma's chapters are so pointless ugh."
June 27, 2014 –
76.0% "If it turns out that Jace is the one to kill Sebastian, then I'm going to be furious. Clary is the one who has suffered the most from actions completed directly by Sebastian, and Jace being the one to deliver the blow will completely strip her of agency. There's also the fact that he tried to rape her, and if Jace then kills him, it's another rape in fiction being used as motivation for a man's quest. We'll see."
June 27, 2014 –
77.0% "The Emma chapters are PAINFUL. I do not give a fuck, okay? I do not give a fuck about Emma. I'm not even skimming them anymore. I'm all out skipping over them. I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK."
June 27, 2014 –
77.0% "Every single moment that's supposed to be deep and profound and chilling in this book just ends up being so ham-fisted and clumsy. There's just no sincerity, subtlety or finesse to it. Also, CC has no idea how to write dialogue. Dialogue does not have semi-colons, for starters."
June 27, 2014 –
78.0% "The jokes in the middle of dire life or death situations are getting ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with a little humour, nothing, but this is nonsense."
June 27, 2014 –
82.0% "Wow. This is actually pretty sad. And kudos for not having Jace be the star of the show again."
June 28, 2014 –
93.0% "Actually cannot believe how young these characters are. It's fucking weird as shit that Jace is only 16, and that only a few months have passed since COB. The relationships seem so insane and rushed when you look at the actual timeline."
June 28, 2014 –
94.0% "Aggggg, this is so goddamn corny."
June 29, 2014 –
96.0% "This is literal bullshit. Tessa and Jem are having a conversation about Emma and as someone who has not read TID and who does not intend to, their conversation has absolutely no meaning to me. I have no idea who these characters are and it's cheeky, to assume that everyone had read TID, or that everyone should, in order to understand what the fuck is being said here. Tessa and Jem are strangers to me."
June 29, 2014 –
100.0% "It's over! Wah. An era has ended."
June 29, 2014 – Shelved as: waterworks
June 29, 2014 – Shelved as: could-have-been-worse
June 29, 2014 – Shelved as: werewolves
June 29, 2014 – Shelved as: decent-vampires
June 29, 2014 – Shelved as: faeries
June 29, 2014 – Shelved as: sentimental-value
June 29, 2014 – Finished Reading

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message 2: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa Uchimura! :P

message 3: by Elizabeth (new) - added it

Elizabeth I second this! :P

Linda I like Magnus, but I think Sebastian should be on the cover

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

MAGNUS MAGNUS MAGNUS PLEASE! 2014 is ridiculously far far away.

message 6: by MissIntegrity (new)

MissIntegrity Yes, I think it would be nice to see magnus

Robyn Magnus on the cover would be amazing. But he better be holding Alec's hand. <3

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Robyn wrote: "Magnus on the cover would be amazing. But he better be holding Alec's hand. <3"

yes please but that might give much away given they broke up! THEY ARE MY ONE TRUE PAIRING SO THAT BETTER CHANGE.

doctor Zero vi Britannia wrote: "Jerry wrote: "Isn't Sebastian already on the cover in the city of Glass?"

Yeah, but Jace is on the CoB cover and the CoLS cover.


Zero vi Britannia I'm sorry Lightning. Sebastian will be on the cover and that is that!

doctor Zero vi Britannia wrote: "I'm sorry Lightning. Sebastian will be on the cover and that is that!"

Zero vi Britannia Lightning wrote: "Zero vi Britannia wrote: "I'm sorry Lightning. Sebastian will be on the cover and that is that!"

Did you gif-punch me?
*takes out contact in a dramatic fashion*
I, Zero Vi Britannia, commands you...STOP GIF-PUNCHING ME!

message 13: by Francesca (new) - added it

Francesca Harpham Magnus, you SHALL be on the cover. I made Will and Alec promise, and if Cassie doesn't put Magnus on, they shall enter her house and steal her cat. And if she doesn't have a cat, they'll buy her a cat, then steal it back. CHAIRMAN MEOW 4EVER !!

message 14: by Farhin (new)

Farhin LOOOOOOOL Kira, look at all the excitement in the comments, then look at your own comment :L

message 15: by Na (new) - added it

Na I still haven't read the 5th... Can't just bring myself to it :-(

message 16: by Aarone (new) - added it

Aarone I want to read this for closure. Hopefully now that its gonna be published in 2014, it gives Clare time to make a good closing story that could be as good as City of Glass (I hope it is.)

Zero vi Britannia ...this last installment of the TMI series (it's the last, Clare. The LAST! No more after this. We're fucking done, okay?)...

So, what I'm getting from this is that you don't want Cassandra Clare to write another TMI book. Am I correct in making that assumption?

message 18: by David (new) - added it

David I thought alec was on the cover of city of glass?

Zero vi Britannia David wrote: "I thought alec was on the cover of city of glass?"

The covers were:
4.Clary and Simon
5.Clary and Jace

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

I know, right? I read these in middle school...and I loved them, THEN. Now, not so much. As I got older, my interest in her stories decreased and now I feel obligated to read them just to know what happens. cracked up at your comment, and totally agree. it should have ended with the third one.

message 21: by MissIntegrity (new)

MissIntegrity But there are people who are still reading them and who wouldnt mind having more so i dont possibly see how you can say when they shouldve ended, maybe had you said "i wish they would end" it wouldve sounded better

Sherley Vazquez She stated that in this book main characters will die... I don't think I will be happy with that!

Zero vi Britannia Kira wrote: "thedoctoranni wrote: "Actually this isn't the last. There's gonna be a whole other series after this called Lady Midnight or something like that.
It's just greed at this point to write any more. So..."

I believe it's the Lost Herondales. While I am a devoted non-fan of Clare, it makes me a little sad that her behavior has made you stop being a fan. I'm sorry for that.

Linda I'm telling you guys, the cover mostly going have Clary and Sebastian on it. Reason 1 Clary has been on the last two covers. 2) Sebastian is the arch villain which makes him very important. 3) the book cover will have a good vs evil final showdown feeling. 4) it's the last book why wouldn't they put the two most important characters. 5) I love Magnus, and I like Alec, but their just supporting character.6) People could argue with me that Simon is just a supporting character which he is, but he is one of the most important male character to Clary. Simon is Clary's best friend. Jace is Clary's lover. Sebastian is Clary's evil brother which wants to hook up with her. That's another thing that all three guys have in common- they all liked or like Clary in some point of the series even in a incest way

Kalixta  MoonRage it's not soul eater that has ichigo in it.. that's bleach, soul eater has Maka and soul and dtk and crona.. and eh I don't care I enjoy my time with the shadow hunters always love meeting new character with new life styles ,when is this one coming out ( I know sometime in 2014 )

message 26: by Cody (new) - added it

Cody I want this out so badly PLEASE COME OUT

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

Dear God.

message 28: by Tyler (new) - added it

Tyler ROFL! "Please stop insulting me"?! When he insulted so many others?? LOLOLOLOL I'M DYING HERE.

message 29: by Jonah (new) - added it

Jonah You're dying? Just made my day better:)

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Guys, that's getting really harsh.

message 31: by Tyler (new) - added it

Tyler Jonah wrote: "You're dying? Just made my day better:)"

I'm glad it did! Seems you're just as mentally ill as everyone you lashed at. Hypocritical idiot.

message 32: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 16, 2013 07:43PM) (new)

Jonah wrote: "That was pretty predictable. And hypocritical, from someone that is the same. Have a nice stay in jail :)"

People like Jonah who want to put the world in jail (or at least, those who oppose him) and are so quick to use the word "freaks" make me think of homophobes and racists. KKK type of racists.
He has so much anger I'm sure his hands are shaking and he can barely see the keyboard.
Oh well, as long as he doesn't become a danger to himself and others, I guess he can stay in his little basement. No need to commit him...yet.

message 33: by Tyler (new) - added it

Tyler Genesis wrote: "People like Jonah who want to put the world in jail (or at least, those who oppose him) and are so quick to use the word "freaks" make me think of homophobes and racists. KKK type of racists.
He ha..."

Yeah, that sounds about right. He gets mad because people are "rude" in reviews, yet he is the one spouting obscene slurs, like "whore" and "freak". I've never called someone a whore or a freak just because they didn't agree with me. That's a whole different kind of offense.

message 34: by Tyler (new) - added it

Tyler Marisa wrote: "Guys, that's getting really harsh."

Seriously. He wants me dead? I've never gotten a death threat before. Well, there is a first time for everything.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

By the way, Kira, you said you have lost your interest. Does that mean you're no going to buy CoHF?

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

Marisa wrote: "Guys, that's getting really harsh."

I agree, Marisa, and for the part that concerns my participation here, I do apologise to the reviewer and to the people on this thread (my apology does not extend to Jonah). I should know better than to engage with someone like this, but his comments were out of control. As I said earlier, I have no patience for those who advocate for good manners and proper etiquette while they toss words 'freak' and 'whore' in the same sentence.

@duClo, and he still doesn't get it. I don't think he ever will.

message 37: by Tyler (new) - added it

Tyler Genesis wrote: "Marisa wrote: "Guys, that's getting really harsh."

I agree, Marisa, and for the part that concerns my participation here, I do apologise to the reviewer and to the people on this thread (my apolog..."

I agree. This thread did kind of blow up. I didn't mean for that, I'm sorry.

No, I don't think so either.

message 38: by Tyler (new) - added it

Tyler Queenie Yuna Yukyoung Chi-Chan wrote: "Ok guys I have been reading up on CC's book reviews because even though I love them, I want to look at them in a different perspective and everywhere I went there were hate. Jonah you emphasized on..."

THANK YOU so much, Queenie! Well done comment. :)

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

"just because you like fruit cake and lets say Genesis and all others on this post(sorry if I offend you guys)"

No offense taken.
Funny thing is that I really don't like fruit cakes. I don't like the edible kind, or the human fruit cakes either.
Good eye.

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh yes. Jonah is a real fruit cake.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

There you go...

message 42: by Anna (new)

Anna Lewis Agreed with you Kira...Clare should've stopped with TMI and TID (both of which I love) I doubt I'll read The Dark Artifices, let alone buy the books

message 43: by MT (new) - rated it 5 stars

MT This. Is. Getting. Violent.

message 44: by Kat (new) - added it

Kat I'm getting tired of this... there are some series where I like that something bad keeps happening, but this series... I'm so done. I will read it, like you, but just so I know the ending.

Tiana-lee Fackrell I just can't wait this book will be HUGE I'm so terribly keen. I love Cassandra Clare. Defiantly number 1 fan. Clary and Jace forever!!

message 46: by Lulu (new) - added it

Lulu Belle Kira you are right. That's exactly what I said right after I finished Lost souls "CC better end this in next book once and for all. It's about time! !!!"

Lilly Santiago By the Angel! When is this book going to be out already?! I'm dying here Cassie!WTH?!

message 48: by Mayuri (new) - added it

Mayuri There is going to be the dark artifices, but this is it for tmi

Elaina She's writing I believe 2 other series in the shadowhunter world I know for sure 1

Lilly Santiago one is based on Will's son I think

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