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Wherever You Go by Heather Davis
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Mar 15, 2011

it was amazing
Read from April 12 to 14, 2011

Rob had it all and Holly had next to nothing. Rob was wealthy, popular, handsome, athletic, funny, and adored by everyone. Holly was poor, shy, beautiful, sweet, and responsible. The saying goes: Opposites attract, and in this case? The was right on. Holly and Rob were the perfect couple. They were happy and in love, going against the rules of financial status and school popularity.

One fateful night changed everything. A car accident killed Rob and left Holly not only emotionally scarred but also a pariah at school. Being the survivor of the accident has unfairly cast Holly into a "guilty" judgement - making her the blame for Rob's untimely death.

Isolated, but never alone, Holly goes about her daily life with Rob in the unseen background. He's there with her, but cannot be there for her. To see but never be seen, how can Rob help Holly? And when Jason, Rob's best friend, reaches out to Holly, Rob learns just how powerless he is, and maybe always has been, to help her.

Holly's home situation changes, bringing her grandfather (who suffers from Alzheimer's) to live with them and making Holly his primary care giver. This sets in motion a chain of discoveries: Rob finds that Grandpa Aldo can see and hear him; Holly begins to realize that she has to reach out, enlist, and appreciate the help of others; and Jason finally has an opportunity to get closer to the girl he's had eyes for for years.

Wherever You Go is a story of love, loss, rediscovery, and healing. It was a beautifully woven tale told in three perspectives: Holly, Rob, and Jason. What makes the POV's unique, however, is that each is told from a different narrative - Holly's POV was written in the 1st-person, Rob (the ghost) was written in the 2nd-person, and Jason was written in 3rd-person. These different narratives made reading the book and following the changing of POV's compelling; I was always on the lookout and anticipating the transitions from one character to another.

Ms. Davis did a stunning job setting and keeping the tone of the book. I felt the sorrow, the yearning, the struggle, and the hope of each character throughout the book. Holly, Rob, Jason, and even Grandpa Aldo's (who really is a main player in the story vs. a minor or secondary character) thoughts, feelings, words, and actions were consistent and wonderfully conveyed.
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