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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two by John Tiffany
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Jul 31, 2016

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I love the other books in this series more than anything. They were my life growing up and I will continue to cherish them in the future. But when I read this I pushed my previous love behind me so that I wouldn't judge it too harshly. I understand that it's a different medium of story but the plot didn't work for me. At all. Neither did the characters.

It was as though all the progress Harry had made in the previous seven books were washed away and he spent most of this story agonizing over his relationship with his son and constantly saying things he "didn't mean". (view spoiler) I have friends who severely disliked Harry in the previous books but I always stood by his actions and understood why he did things. It all changed in this book. He was a different person.

There were some great moments in this book between Albus and his best friend (who I won't name because it might be considered a spoiler) that felt reminiscent of the original series. I was smiling ridiculously to myself. And then some moral was shoved in our faces. Both Albus and Harry had to learn along the way that you can't judge someone or try to change someone. Or something like that because I was so sick of the blatant way it was written that I barely paid attention through those parts. Even the first three books of the Harry Potter series, which were intended for younger viewers, never once felt like we were being so directly told a moral.

I said I wouldn't compare but it is so hard. On the spectrum of Harry Potter this was disgraceful. Yet I gave it three stars because on a normal level it wasn't that bad. It had a disappointingly generic plot that I was able to predict from a mile away and it was, overall, pretty forgettable. At this point I don't even consider this as part of the series. It's its own separate entity.

If you are a major Harry Potter fan and have long awaited a new book that follows the same vein of the predecessors then you are out of luck. There are a few old characters that we got to see that had a few moments of glory before being relegated to teary admissions of love and wrongdoing. (view spoiler)

There are a few mild spoilers ahead. I really wanted to discuss them because I can't get them out of my head, but don't worry because it won't spoil the ending.

First of all, I think it is safe to say that the worst part of the entire original series was the Time Turner debacle. It puts so many plot holes into the story that I can't even begin to contemplate. So when the concept was introduced here I almost stopped reading. At that point the story truly lost me and at that point I just wanted to finish it in case there was a mind blowing reveal. (view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

Even if I knew how disappointed it would make me, I would still have read this because it is Harry Potter. But now I'm nervous that I won't like the movie coming out in November. I was so excited for it but now I'm scared that I won't love it. Or even like it.

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