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Lothaire by Kresley Cole
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Mar 14, 2011

it was amazing
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Lothaire the Enemy of Old. He's arrogant, self-centered, selfish, powerful, driven, egotistical, ruthless. He wouldn't stop at anything to get what he wants. His only fear is betrayal. Betrayal by the ones he cares about, which is why he stopped letting people close.

Ohh but how I've loved his badass self throughout this series and this book was off-the-charts amazing. Completely different than a lot of the books in this series, this author never ceases to amaze me. She can create a completely different story every single time.

He's known his bride was Elizabeth since she was nothing but a human teenager. A mountain redneck human teenager, with no class and very little education at that. He never thought he could be paired with one such as her. Until Saroya possesses Ellie's body. That must be his bride. Fit to rule alongside him when he recovers his kingdoms! To free Saroya, he must destroy Ellie's soul. But he can't do that without La Doradas' ring. RRIIINNNNGGGGGGGG

I'm not telling you what happens, all I want to say is this:
Lothaire is one bad, ruthless vampire, but he will make your body shudder and your girly bits quiver! He is so sexy! So in charge and in control! Ellie is very sweet and maybe just the right personality for him, and definitely the right species to bring him down a notch.

They've both been through so much but there were times when my heart would break for Lothaire, what he has suffered, why he is the way he is. And the moment he realizes that others have tried to help him and have been there for him is priceless.

And how can we forget the valkyries, crazy as always, love them. Best of all Nix. She has her lucid moments and her crazy ones, but when the haze in her head has to clear she manages to show us a bit more of her true self in this book. And all the new characters? Ohh the possibilities!

And the last thing I just have to say... if you've never listened to an audiobook, do yourself a favor and get this one. Robert Petkoff brings Lothaire to life, with a perfect and very sexy accent, and enough emotion in telling this story that I felt I was actually watching it play out in front of me.

In case all that was too much to decipher:
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Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) :) I've been waiting to be ready for a PNR (mood) FINALLY!!!!!

Yogi I was soooo torn with this one!

Yogi It was hard to read. Lothaire was an A-S-S-H-O-L-E and Ellie was genuine. I was surprised Kresley Cole was able to pull it off. I gave it a 3.5 and "Ellie" had to work very hard for it.

Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) Well, he is Lothaire.... I'm expecting A**Hole

Yogi Maybe I'm naive but I expected him to be a little more kind to his bride. I did love the background info and other schtuff that I will not go into because I don't want to spoil anything. All I have to say is Nix needs someone to cuddle with damn-it!

Pansy I absolutely loved this book. I am so glad she kept Lothaire evil. It would not have been believable if she made him nice, even to his bride. He had his tender moments with her. Lothaire is just so......Lothaire.

Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) Yeah that's what I'm expecting, 'cuz he's been an ass the whole series.

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) Yay, you are reading it! I gotta say I loved Lothaire in this, I liked that he didn't have a sudden change from being evil to being all goody goody, that would have seemed odd.

Keysha Jones I truly enjoyed this book. I loved how much character development was brought together in this book. As much as Lothaire is an a--, I loved his struggle. It's too long between books. I love this world.

Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog) Great Review!!!!!


Hbeebti Great review!! You made me laugh.. Lothaire is the best!

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