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Sundiver by David Brin
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Mar 13, 2011

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The Uplift universe is one that I discovered in high school, back when they were first coming out. The universe, where all races come from lines of 'uplift', where older races make deliberate changes to other races to bring them to full intelligence. All races, that is, except humans; the wolfling race that only hangs onto any status because they were already uplifting dolphins and chimps before being discovered by the older races.

This book is the first one, chonologically, and deals with the early days of adaption to galactic society, and a scientific expedition into the sun that has found something unprecedented.

The characters fascinated me when I first read the book, as did the science and the mystery (complete with a bring the suspects together and reveal the truth scene).

I decided to go back and reread the series over the next while, and it was interesting to reread this one. It still holds up well, but you can definitely see how the writer improved over the years. For one thing, he used far too many exclamation marks in his early books. They kind of stand out.

But still, this works well as an introduction to a series, an sf novel, and a mystery novel. I definitely recommend it to others. But I think that The Uplift War will remain my favorite of the series.

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