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And Eternity by Piers Anthony
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Mar 13, 2011

Interesting theme: Piers Anthony, in his Incarnations of Immortality series, has done what no author has done before (or, at least not as well). He described some of the most difficult to explain aspects of our existance. Of course, he does that from his point of view, but it is very surprising, and, in the end, amazing, how much thought is put into each of the books.

Anthony has had difficulty coming up with appropriate event sequences in prior books, as is most apparent in the 3rd one, The Tangled Skein. However, he links it all briliantly, and creates feelings and emotions that few other authors can. Of that, the relationships between incarnations, natural as well as supernatural, are exemplary instances.

I have waited 7 books to finally read about the Incarnation of Good. I was, to say the least, a little disappointed, but then it struck me: Anthony speaks true, once again! For many years, few have ever believed that a prayer has been answered, or that a worship has been appreciated. Anthony explains that so simply, it's laughable. The Incarnation of Good was, after all, everything I expected Him to be, just not exactly in the same manner.

Because some who have not read the book may be reading this, I attempt to give away none of the plot, but I definitely recommend this one, and all the other Incarnation series.


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