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Flora Segunda by Ysabeau S. Wilce
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Mar 13, 2011

really liked it
Read from March 13 to 14, 2011

Your childhood hero is ripped to pieces before your very eyes. Not only is he ripped to pieces, but his heart is ripped out of his chest and there is not a thing you can do about it. If your hero can not stop these dreaded bird creatures, how can you possibly have any hope of defeating them? The next step should be running like mad to escape their talons, correct? For Flora Segunda, her next step always seems to lead her into the very places she wishes to flee.

We meet Flora as a child who is kept at home to help look after her father who has completely lost his mind. Thirteen year old Flora must do this because her mother, also known as Buck, is often away as the Commanding General of the Army of Califa. Flora's family is the Fyrdraaca family, one of the major houses in the city, but you would never guess it if you entered the home. Not only is little Flora left behind to tend to her crazed father, but she is also responsible for cleaning the home and the animals that inhabit it as well. By the way, did I mention yet that this house has eleven thousand rooms? If not, maybe this would be a good time to mention it.

One day as Flora rushes through her morning to retrieve a library book she has to return to school, Flora decides to use the elevator her mother has forbidden ANYONE to use unless Buck accompanies them. This elevator does not always go where it is supposed to, but on this day Flora was in a hurry and had no time for the many steps that led back to her bedroom. She steps on the elevator and eventually comes face to face with Valefor.

Valefor is the Fyrdraaca's magical butler. He is the one who should be in charge of taking care of this giant house and making sure meals are prepared and taking care of the grounds of this once fabulous house. But Buck has banished Valefor because she believes that using magic is the easy way out. Flora decides to help her poor forgotten butler to regain some of his strength and with this possibly gain back some of her freedom from the chores and some glamor back to her home.

Her initial adventure gets tangled up in quite a few more adventures. I can't tell you too much more, because that would be cheating for you. I can tell you that while she seeks to help out her butler, she and her best friend Udo tramp across Califa on horseback in disguise to rescue prisoners, fool a War Lord, get held up at gun point by a child, meet people from their past, and have to face Califa's worst enemy, Lord Axacaya. All this while Flora is trying to keep from fading into nothing. I don't know about you, but thinking of all of that wore me out!

Flora Segunda is definitely different from many books that I have read recently. The story line had wonderful elements of fantasy in it, but took twists on many other parts of the fantasy world which gave it a fresh new twist. Flora is a brave young lady with a role model her mother certainly would not approve of, but her tricks seem to save Flora in all the right ways. There are many failures Flora has to endure in the book, but the important thing is that Flora and Udo never gave up. Even when all seemed lost, and nothing could be salvaged from the mess (usually a mess they made), they kept going. Not only did Flora show bravery when it came to facing her enemies, Flora also showed bravery when it came to standing up to the people that she loved, which sometimes is the most difficult kind of courage to have.

The imagery in this book reminded me of Lemony Snicket in several ways. Some of the clothing in this book was way over the top (which I love) and the way the people interact with each other had the exaggerated quality about it. I enjoyed this immensely because it gave me the feeling of truly being in a world all its own. The people were familiar enough that I understood what they were doing, but their mannerisms, traditions, speech, dress and relationships had an original feeling to them. I really was transported to a new world. Flora Segunda is a keeper!!!


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