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The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
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Mar 13, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: stubborn-heroine, wow

I read the book mainly because it was the chosen book for March by the YA Book Club and I was skeptical when I first read it. The beginning was similar to many books I have read before.
The girl whom nobody noticed, unpopular and ignored by the popular kids in her school, yet she doesn't stop hoping against hope that she would be admitted into the group of the blessed beautifuls and gorgeous, with a loyal friend who stuck by her side no matter what she said to him and was there by her side all the time.
I become even more doubtful when I reached the part where Robbie a.k.a. Puck began telling her of the Nevernever, how her half-brother had been kidnapped and taken into the Faery world. I was like, okay, let's where this is going first before chucking it away.
Although I do find the mysterious disappearance of Meg's father was a pretty good way to get me interested. Not a lot of people go missing and left their shoes by the pond.
So, back to the story. When Meg and Puck entered Wyldwood and began their journey, I was still unconvinced how this can be good story. It took me along time to fall in love with Meg but when I began to like her, I really liked her.
I was amazed at how ready she was to sacrifice everything to save her brother. But before we get into that, I also pitied her when she was stuck in the kitchen, helping to prepare food for the Elysium. She was punished for something that she has no power to change, her ancestry I mean. She was Oberon'r daughter, yes. Half- human, I suppose so. Half faery, I guess so. But half breed? That was pretty cruel. I always thought that fairies were the sparkling beautiful people who helped human when in trouble. Not anymore.
But I really liked Ash. Let's just say that it was a given that Meghan is going to be with Ash in the end, no matter how much Kagawa tried to make us believe that Puck and Ash will someday be vying for Meghan's love.
I also liked how cynical and aloof Grimalkin was. As is every other cat in the world, of course.
Well, the conclusion is that I liked this book a lot.

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