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Soul Quest by Amy  Maurer Jones
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Mar 12, 2011

it was amazing
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Soul Quest by Amy Jones totally made my week! Yesterday I ended up staying up till 4 am, just so I could finish it and find out how the first book ends. I just couldn't bring myself to put it down. How could I possibly go to sleep, when this book is so amazing! And you must know that I am a very slow ebook reader, I really don't like spending my time looking at the computer screen (or iPhone screen, depending if I'm currently outside of the house) so this was quite an accomplishment on Amy's part to keep me so captivated. (Thank you Amy, thanks to you I look like a zombie today!)

For the most part of the book the narrative voice belongs to Liv. At first glance you could think she's just an ordinary girl, preoccupied with normal teenager day-to-day problems and dramas, like figuring out whether her feelings for her best friend are anything more than a friendly affection or doing her best to fit in at her new school. Pretty much all the things we all could relate to. But Liv is no ordinary teenager, she is an Oracle of Earth, one of four human-born Oracles, who's duty is to save the Earth from destruction. Her companions of Spirit are: athletic and super handsome Laith (Oracle of Fire), adorable computer geek, Brayan (Oracle of Wind) and knowledgeable and organized Meena (Oracle of Water). Each of them has unique gifts and charms, that will help them fight the evil Aengels and Daevas and try and stop them from stealing human souls.

I absolutely loved the first part of Soul Quest trilogy. I got sucked into the story from the very first pages of the book and I often found myself thinking about it even when I wasn't reading it. It's such a pleasurable read! At first I was a little bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of the world Amy created, but after a while it all come together, every piece fell into the right place. I'm deeply amazed at how much work the author put into creating a whole new mythology for the purpose of the story, it's jaw dropping.

Amy Jones does a superb job of drawing you in. She created an amazing, unique and fascinating world, filled with fantastic, well developed and likable characters. If you liked Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series then I can guarantee you will LOVE Soul Quest!

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