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Talon of the Silver Hawk by Raymond E. Feist
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Mar 12, 2011

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Read in February, 2011

I wish they would let you do half-stars on here. I would give this 3 and 1/2.

I've never read Raymond Feist before. I picked this up for 2 lari off the used books shelf at the English-language bookstore in Tbilis. For 2 lari I will read almost anything.

This book follows the only survivor of a brutal massacre by an evil duke of an entire people group. He gets taken in by some mysterious, but kindly folk. These kindly folk begin to train young Talon though the purpose of this training in never really revealed. They turn out to be magicians (surprise!) who work for a uber-secret evil-fighting association called the Conclave of the Shadow (oooo!) The training and maturing of Talon is the most enjoyable part of this book. He is groomed to be a super duelist who will be able to win the tournament to be declared the best swordsman in the land. All good fun. After the tournament, he decides to go protect another people group with connections to his own when he learns that they are going to be attacked by the same people who wiped out his.

The ending of the book was rather anticlimactic. It didn't feel like much of a climax. It needed a lot more dramatization for it to be more effective. I get the feeling though the Feist doesn't go for the big, MAJOR epic fantasy type novels, like George R.R. Martin. For a fantasy novel, this is pretty slim and lacks a really big scope. Feist's focus is rather narrow and I certainly felt it. It was a nice, enjoyable read, but not the type of thing that I would read again and again and be very motivated to read the sequels.

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